Ford Escort RS 1800 Mk.II

By: Italeri

Item no: 3650 Price: £29.99


Esci’s long-lived Ford Escort makes a return in Italeri packaging, this time as an RS 1800 Mk.II in full RAC Rally livery. While the moulds are approaching 40 years old, they are surprisingly well detailed, although there are noticeable sink marks on the bodyshell and bonnet. This is ideal for beginners, with just four styrene runners, plus a separate body shell and four vinyl tyres. As with many of Italeri’s recent re-releases, the highlight is the markings, which exhibit rich colours and prefect register; they should also be opaque enough to prevent bleed through from underlying tones. The single option depicts #2, driven by Ari Vatenen and David Richards during the 1981 Lombard RAC Rally, and includes spare blue, orange and yellow blocks for those wanting to paint the vehicle’s livery.



Honda CBX 400F

By: Revell

Item no: 07939 Price: £49.99


While this Honda CBX 400F may be new to Revell’s range, it’s actually a re-boxed Aoshimi kit, and comprises six styrene runners, plus two solid vinyl tyres and a length of tubing for various cables. There’s a notable difference in refinement between the two ‘chromed’ runners, with the matt item far superior to the ‘bright’ frame, which appears to have parts from the original 1982 release; the latter will require stripping and re-painting if modellers desire to eliminate the seams. Otherwise, it’s a delightful offering, with crisp detail, notably on the engine cooling fins, while the type’s distinctive six-spoke wheels are replicated faithfully, and there is clear guidance provided on fitting the various cables and aligning the exhaust pipes. The single scheme depicts a factory fresh bike, and helpfully, all the red/black trim is supplied in decal form, along with nine difference registration plates.



The Joker Getaway Car


Item no: MPC890 Price: £44.99


Released previously as a Dodge Monaco, various police patrol vehicles (from Batman, TJ Hooker and Dukes of Hazard) and the Joker ‘goon’ car (as here), this MPC offering is an ageing, but fun kit. There are six styrene runners, plus separate bodyshell, interior tub and chassis, four hollow vinyl treaded tyres and a delightful one-piece Joker caricature; the latter bears similarities to Caesar Romero’s depiction. Parts are included to allow either a Joker car, Police cruiser (with full radio fit) or standard Dodge Monaco (although liveries are supplied for just the former two) and there are various weapons included as extras. Similarly, there are decals for just the Joker or Police options; the former includes all the graffiti featured on the boxtop artwork, and the figure is included in the painting guide.



Pagani Huayra Pacchetto Tempesta

By: Aoshima

Item no: 26 Price: £49.99


Aoshima seems to have emulated Pagani in turning its Huayra Pacchetto Tempesta kit into something that’s almost a work of art, such is the moulding quality and detail. It comprises 16 styrene runners, plus four hollow vinyl tyres and a pre-cut self-adhesive masking set and is packed with features. There is a well-appointed interior, gorgeous engine and transmission, meticulously replicated suspension and faithful representation of the vehicle’s distinctive styling. Indeed, there is so much detail that adding the car’s body shell seems a shame, as most of the former will be hidden; thankfully, most of the latter is designed to just clip together. Surprisingly, there are a large number of moveable parts, many associated with the car’s aerodynamics, and the doors can be posed open/closed. This is a superb offering from Aoshima, and raises the bar as to what one should expect.