ɅPPɅRɅT Male Soldier

By: Greenstrawberry

Item no: 12005 Price: US$50.35


Resembling a cross between personages from Halo, Guyver and Doom, this is Greenstrawberry’s first foray into figures, and it’s a stunner. Sculpting and casting are excellent, with all production seams positioned at joins between the various parts, and the high-quality detail cries out for washes and highlights. Notionally, this is a basic soldier, wearing fullbody armour, and equipped with what appears to be a targeting sight on the right-hand side of the helmet, which also has an articulated linkage to the integrally cast backplate. A circular baseplate is included, along with a pre-cut self-adhesive mask for the distinctive triangular ɅPPɅRɅT insignia. Here’s hoping there are more to follow!



Woman with Umbrella

By: Toro Model

Item no: 35F96 Price: €10


Toro’s female pedestrian would be ideal for any wartime diorama. The figure is depicted in typical 1930s attire; wearing a smart, yet functional jacket and skirt, sturdy boots and a ribbon-decorated hat, while carrying an umbrella in case of inclement weather. As ever, the sculpting and casting are first-rate, especially the jacket and cravat; the face and hair are both realistic and will benefit from careful highlighting and shadowing. Thoughtfully, all casting seams are on the figure’s lower surfaces, which means no unsightly seams, although the head and umbrella will require additional neatening.



Soviet Drivers (1979-1991)


Item no: 35641 Price: £6.60


With the recent glut of 1/35 Soviet-era trucks, its perhaps surprising it’s taken this long for driver figures to be released, so ICM’s set is most welcome as it addresses a major shortfall. All parts on the two styrene runners are high quality in terms of detail and moulding, and minimal (if any) preparation will be needed before assembly. Both figures are depicted behind the wheel, with one wearing standard tunic, trousers and pilotka (side cap), while the second has coveralls and what appears to be a lightweight ushanka (with tied-up ear flaps). According to references, either driver could be employed in pre-1979 vehicles as well, as a previous uniform update occurred in 1969, but a new type was issued shortly after the Soviet Union’s collapse.



German Tank Crew Normandy

By: MiniArt

Item no: 35275 Price: £10.99


This is a refreshing take on a tank crew set, offering five figures in a mixture of poses, from standing/ sitting on the vehicle, to leaning on the barrel and one playing an accordion. What’s most impressive is these tankers would be equally suitable for any Normandy-based German tank. The well-moulded parts are held on three styrene runners (one is dedicated to equipment and personal weapons), with separate heads, arms, legs and headgear. The clothing is replicated convincingly, notably the commander’s jacket, while the accordion is a four-piece ensemble, which requires just a harness to complete it.



Pilot WWI Camel

By: Plus Model

Item no: AL4078 Price: €8.90


World War One singleseat fighter vignettes just became easier, courtesy of Plus Model’s exquisite two-piece pilot figure. Depicted standing and holding a cigarette in the right hand (the arm is separate to the rest of the body), it is wearing full flying gear, including goggles, leather helmet and long tunic, and the mandatory aviator’s scarf! The detail is stunning, and the appearance of the soft leather clothing has been captured faithfully, particularly the belt and tunic pockets. AMW’s sample suffered slightly with casting flash, but this should be easy to remove with a knife and sanding sticks. While described as a Camel pilot, this would be equally suited to any late-war Allied fighter.



Jimmy (Tex) Haywood

By: Master Box

Item no: MB24043 Price: £10.99


Never one to shy from unusual subjects, Master Box has released a series of 1/24 haulage-associated figures, which will be ideal for posing alongside/in Italeri’s vehicle kits. The Jimmy (Tex) Haywood caricature is portrayed with a bald head and slight paunch, and is wearing a t-shirt and shorts, posed with one foot on the truck footplate and holding a cigar. There’s just a single styrene runner for the seven parts (head, limbs and two-piece torso) and while the integrally moulded detail is crisp and realistic, most if not all seams will need neatening.