FIRST LOOK: Hornby Mk 1 Restaurant Buffet

Hornby Mk 1 Restaurant Buffet

The expansion of Hornby’s BR Mk 1 carriage portfolio is on course with the arrival of the first engineering samples of the Restaurant Buffet car (RB) which was later coded RB(R) – Restaurant Buffet Refurbished.

The new addition of the Mk 1 range uses the same basic underframe, but with revisions to the equipment to match the arrangement of the real vehicles. Bogies are Commonwealth types on all models together with turned metal wheels and small tension lock couplings in NEM pockets. Liveries cover BR maroon as W1739 (Cat No. R4971) and W1743 (R4971A), BR Southern Region green as S1765 (R4972) and S1757 (R4972A), BR blue and grey as M1712 (R4973) and M1657 (R4973A) plus Intercity colours as IC1667 (R4974) and IC1653 (R4974A). Some of these identities have changed from the original plan.

The model has been produced through research visits to the Epping and Ongar Railway and the model will cover both original RB and refurbished RB(R) vehicles. The project is ready to move forward to the decoration stage now following receipt of the engineering samples.