'OO' Prototype HSDT power car for Locomotion and Rails of Sheffield

Locomotion Models and Rails of Sheffield have commissioned Bachmann to produce a brand-new ready-to-run model of the prototype HST power car, 41001.

The National Collection’s prototype High Speed Train (HST) power car is the next joint project between Locomotion Models and Rails of Sheffield with the ‘OO’ gauge ready-to-run locomotive being produced exclusively for the pair by Bachmann.


The prototype HST was built in 1972 with two power cars completed – 41001 and 41002. The HST was intended as a stop-gap design to see BR through electrification projects and the development of the tilting Advanced Passenger Train, but in the end the prototypes led to construction of 197 production Class 43 HST power cars, some of which remain in frontline passenger service today.


The HST prototype provided a powerful combination of two 2,250hp power cars at each end of a fixed formation. The design was light and fast with the ability to run consistently at 125mph. The prototype HST set a world record for a diesel powered train in 1973 when it reached 143mph, although this was later superseded by performance of the production Class 43s.


The prototype power cars moved to the Railway Technical Centre in the 1980s while 41002 was later scrapped in 1990. 41001 passed to the National Collection and between 2011-2019 the sole survivor was active on the preservation scene working at the GCR Ruddington, Nene Valley, Severn Valley and Keighley and Worth Valley Railways. Since 2019 it has been on static display and is currently housed at Locomotion in Shildon.


The specification for the Bachmann-produced prototype HST power car includes all-wheel drive, a Plux22 decoder socket, twin speakers, five-pole motor with twin flywheels, directional and interior lighting with independent switching, sprung buffers, separately fitted handrails and a full relief underframe.


In addition, the chassis design accounts for the design of the HST power car bogies by reducing the amount of the gearbox frame visible at track level to improve its aesthetics.


The all-new ‘OO’ gauge model is the first being offered under a new joint brand from Locomotion Models and Rails of Sheffield called Railway Icons. It is available to purchase from both retailers with pre-orders open now. Delivery is expected in summer 2024 with the price set at £199.99 for the single model of 41001.

• Visit www.locomotionmodels.com or www.railsofsheffield.com for more information.