Panther Ausf.G Early/Late

By: RyeField Model

Item no: 5018 Price: £44.99


RyeField’s deluxe cutaway Panther Ausf.G offers huge amount of detail detail (see News, January 2019), but there’s also a less-complex version (minus the interior) that’s ideal for less-experienced modellers or those wanting to portray closed hatches. It comprises ten styrene runners, 190 individual track links, length of copper wire and a photo-etched brass fret. As well as a choice of either a late-1944 or early 1945-built Panther, there’s a fully detailed main gun and breech, plus co-axial, hulland cupola-mounted MG 34s, with options for sprung barrel (to simulate recoil) and suspension, open/closed hatches, raised/lowered travel lock and with/without engine heaters. The schemes, bearing different styles of late-war three-tone camouflage, are:

• Red 128/308, Caen, Normandy, June 1944

• Black 211, Ardennes/Frayneux, December 1944

• White 334, Kampfgruppe Pz.Brig.106 FHH, Bonn, March 1945



German Railway Gondola Type

Ommr w/2cm Flakvierling 38

By: Dragon Item no: 6912

Price: £69.99 Web:

It’s not often a Dragon release is described as great value, but its Flakvierling-equipped rail wagon is such a product, combining Cyber-Hobby’s Ommr railcar and two quad-gun mounts at a lower price than the individual items. It offers 26 styrene runners and two small photo-etched brass frets and, with separate platforms for the guns (which are from the firm’s Sd.Kfz.7/1 offering) it means there’s a choice of fitting one or both units. All parts are moulded superbly, with just a few sink marks on the suspension units, but otherwise everything is as you’d expect from Dragon, and this will make for an unusual model. Three schemes are specified, with a choice of natural wood, oversprayed white ‘squiggle’ and threetone camouflage.



Panhard 178 with French

Armoured Vehicle Crew

By: ICM Item no: 35381

Price: £26.20 Web:

ICM has provided another cracking package, adding a four-man crew to its delightful Panhard 178, and at a favourable price. The vehicle comprises four styrene runners, with an extra frame for the multipiece figures. One crewmember is posed as if carrying out maintenance/repairs, so it’s the perfect excuse to open the engine hatches and display the lovely four-cylinder engine; two others are depicted passing ammunition, while the vehicle commander is leaning against the scout car. There are four markings options, all depicting vehicles during 1940:

• 90256/White 43, 1st Pl, 6th CUIR, 1st DLM

• 91662/White 53, 3rd Pl, 6th CUIR, 1st DLM

• 91669/White 6, 2nd Pl, 6th CUIR, 1st DLM

• 90254, 3rd Pl, 8th CUIR, 2nd DLM




By: Platz Item no: GP72-7

Price: £23.29 Web:

The box artwork may show Girls und Panzer anime characters, but this is a re-box of Dragon’s newly tooled 1/72 BT-42, and features well-moulded parts (including hollow gun muzzle and exhausts) and pleasing detail, despite the small scale. There are three styrene runners, with single-length soft vinyl tracks, and the parts breakdown is basic compared to other offerings, making this a great beginners’ kit. The type’s angular structure is captured faithfully, while the singlepiece gun/recuperator/mantlet makes for easy assembly. Although not stated in the instructions, this type can be depicted with/without tracks, as it was based on the BT-7 chassis. The single scheme depicts the vehicle in Jatkosota-school’s markings, as it appeared as part of the Ooarai Girls’ Academy team in Girls und Panzer der Film.



Kanonenjagdpanzer (KaJaPa)

By: Revell Item no: 03276

Price: £29.99 Web:

Revell has re-released its Kanonenjagdpanzer (KaJaPa), and remains the only kit of the type currently available. Surface detail is well rendered, notably weld lines, bolt heads and engine grilles, and the mantlet cover is a convincing representation of the real machine’s canvas item. It comprises nine styrene runners and a separate lower hull, plus a length of steel wire for the vehicle antennas and two-piece vinyl tracks, and can be built in either tank-hunter or observation (Beobachtungspanzer – BeobPz) configuration. No interior detail is provided, but the latter’s characteristic sighting equipment is replicated accurately, and hull stowage and equipment are also provided to enliven the exterior. The four schemes are:

• KaJaPa, 633, Panzerjagerkompanie 160, Schwarzenbeck, 1980-81

• KaJaPa, 543, 5./Panzergrenadier bataillon 353, Hammelburg, 1984

• KaJaPa, 232, 2/Panzergrenadier bataillon 44, Göttingen, 1980

• BeobPz, 6./Panzergrenadier bataillon 152, Schwarzenborn



BL 6in 30cwt Siege Howitzer and


By: ResiCAST

Item no: 35.1279 Price: €79.50


Having already produced a 26cwt (hundredweight) gun, ResiCAST has released the first-ever kit of the earlier BL 6in (150mm) 30cwt Seige Howitzer, along with its limber. This is another stunning resin creation from this Belgian company, and captures the type’s flared barrel and sprung recuperators faithfully, along with the heavyweight twin-wheeled carriage. With more than 60 finely cast resin components, plus lengths of styrene rod, this is aimed at the more experienced modeller. It can be built in either transport or firing configuration, and there’s a choice of open/ closed breech for the latter, along with ramming poles and lifting frames. Further ammunition and boxes are available separately (35.2364 and GBS006 respectively). A colour/markings guide isn’t supplied, so modellers will need to check references.




By: Zvezda

Item no: 3654 Price: £29.99


With the current variety of Soviet military subjects now available, such as Zvezda’s 1/35 Ural-4320, it’s hard to believe they were comparative rarities not that long ago. This newly tooled kit comes with seven styrene runners, seven solid vinyl tyres and a length of string and is bursting with detail. It can be built with open/ covered cargo bay and open/ closed bonnet and cab doors; with the latter option the sumptuous engine and transmission can be displayed. All parts are well moulded, with an absence of flash or surface blemishes, although several ejector pin marks will need neatening on the canvas tilt sides, which feature convincing rippling on the outer faces. Just a single scheme is supplied, for an overall dark green vehicle, along with Russian Federation Army insignia for the cab doors.



M6 GMC WC-55

By: Italeri Item no: 6555

Price: £12.99 Web:

Modelling heritage doesn’t often cross the AMW review desk, but Italeri’s re-released WC055 is such an offering, as it was first issued under the MAX label in 1974. However, the parts quality is excellent for a kit of this age, with minimal flash (there are just a few sink marks), and while it lacks finer detail, it wouldn’t take much to elevate it to modern standards. It comprises five styrene runners, plus a separate clear windscreen, and features a well-appointed suspension and cab, while the rear cargo area benefits from ammunition storage for the 37mm light gun, represented by a 13-piece sub-assembly. A basic five-part driver figure is included, along with two stowed rifles. Four vehicles are offered:

• W-6018612, US Army, Tunisia, 1943

• W-6017934, US Army, 1943

• W-6016084, 601st Tk Destroyer Bn, Tunisia, 1943

• W-6018610, Unites States, 1942