HAVING DELIGHTED military builders for many years with high-quality 1/72 and 1/35 scale offerings, IBG Models is set to do the same for aviation modellers. The firm’s attention to detail has been brought to bear with two splendid 1/72 releases, a PZL.23A Karaś (72505) and PZL.42 (72509), with the latter being a development prototype of the former.

Unsurprisingly, differences between the two are minimal, restricted to changes to two of the nine runners and the fuselage halves, reflecting the different styles of empennage, absence/lack of underfuselage gondola and bomb load. The styrene parts are all moulded crisply, with fine engraved panel lines on the exterior, and delicate raised relief to replicate the interior structures and fittings…and the cockpit is an absolute gem. Just a single scheme is provided for each variant, although there is a choice between early and late national insignia and tail markings for the PZL.23. A small photo-etched brass fret adds a final touch of refinement, supplying trim wheels, seat and canopy frames, foot rests and gunsights. At just £10.40 each, yet including levels of interior detail usually associated with larger-scale offerings, these are excellent value. Visit: