Royal Navy Seaplane Dockside Base

By: Flyhawk Item no: FH 1161

Price: £22 Web: flyhawkmodel.com

There seems to have been a recent improvement in styrene moulding techniques, and Flyhawk has been at the forefront, incorporating incredibly fine detail into its kits. The Royal Navy Seaplane Dockside is a perfect example, offering seven styrene runners plus separate quay and launching ramp, and a photo-etched brass fret. The latter provides alternative lattice supports for a water tower, Sunderland propellers and twin Vickers for the MGB motor launch, plus a servicing platform and 37 figures. A suitable base/backdrop is provided on the box rear, and all ancillary equipment is included, such as a dockside building, AEC Matador refueller, Albion AM463 prime-mover and 2-ton crane – there are even barrels and crates. The highlight is the two splendid Short Sunderland flying boats, which can be built in waterline or onshore configuration. While the suggested scheme is for a Dark Green/Dark Earth/bare metal airframe, later roundel styles are included for modellers preferring Ocean Grey/Dark Green/White machines. This excellent set will work as a standalone build or as the basis of a larger diorama.



Portable Toolbox

By: Plus Model

Item no: AL4075 Price: €13.90

Web: www.plusmodel.cz

Although the packaging lists this as just a Portable Toolbox, the Plus Model catalogue states it’s a US Air Force example, and the stencilling matches the style used on ground servicing equipment with that organisation. It’s a remarkably simple resin accessory, with a single-piece main drawer section (all closed), individual castor wheels and brackets, plus a towing eye, for a total of ten parts. A length of copper wire is also supplied for the axles, and there are a number decals for each drawer, completing this delightful package.


Fw 190A-8 Löök

By: Eduard

Item no: 644015 Price: £6.54

Web: www.eduard.com

Eduard’s Löök series has been a boon for modellers, offering the ideal combination of highly defined detail with ease of assembly. Its Fw 190A-8 set comprises a two-piece resin pre-painted instrument panel, plus a similarly coloured photoetched (PE) metal fret for a complete set of seatbelts. This is a major improvement on the kit parts, regardless of which version (Weekend, ProfiPACK or Overtrees) it’s used on, and while the PE may require care when bending, attaching the panel is straightforward.



Frames for Dashboards

By: Karton Models

Item no: KMS-017

Price: €3

Web: www.yenmodels.be

While the scale might at first appear odd, it’s intended as being suitable for both 1/35 and 1/32 vehicles and provides dial surrounds for any dashboard. There are six styles of frame, with three of each, and these are presented in two sizes on a single photo-etched brass fret. Notably, several have what appear to be bolts at each corner, which means they may also be suitable for 1/32 scale aircraft instrument panels.



Spitfire Mk.IX Engine

By: Eduard Item no: 672126

Price: £14.25 Web: www.eduard.com

Eduard’s Spitfire’s are absolute gems, and its Brassin range enables modellers to pick and choose the detail level – this gorgeous resin and photo-etched (PE) brass Merlin 61 engine is for those wanting to go ‘all out’ on a build. There’s a staggering amount of refinement incorporated into the finely cast resin components, with choices of round- and fishtailtype exhausts plus early and late cowling tops to complement the ten-piece engine. Clear guidance is provided as to where the kit fuselage and lower wing parts must be cut to allow the conversion to fit.



Lancaster Mainwheels

By: Barracudacast

Item no: BR72415 Price: US$6.95

Web: www.barracudacals.com

Modellers wanting to build post- 1945 Lancasters will have noted the lack of suitable mainwheels, as later machines had a block, rather than smooth tread. Step forward Barracuda with these superbly mastered and cast resin replacements, which are suitable for any 1/72 Lancaster kit – it’s just a matter of drilling the hole for the axle to the required diameter. The detail is crisp, and far superior to that on styrene alternatives, notably the hubs and sidewalls. These are also available in 1/32 scale, for either Hong Kong Models’ or Wingnut Wings’ Lancasters.



Hawker Tandem Hunter All-Weather Fighter

By: Freightdog

Item no: FDR72136 Price: £17

Web: www.freightdogmodels.co.uk

Freightdog has expanded on its ‘paper’ tandem-seat Hunter trainer (see Reviews, Oct 2019) with an interceptor variant. It’s designed to fit Revell’s 1/72 FGA.9 and comprises the same parts as the initial set (FDR72127), plus a new radarequipped nose section and two rocket pods for the outboard pylons. This means there’s a new forward fuselage, plus tandem cockpit tub, nosewheel and replacement mainwheels, plus two vac-form canopies. Modellers wanting a missile-armed fighter will need to source the Firestreaks separately, together with decals for period units.



Dewoitine D-520 Fuselage Fuel Tank


Item no: 7415 Price: €7

Web: www.cmkkits.com

Hasegawa’s 1/72 Dewoitine D-520 was first tooled more than 20 years ago, but CMK’s release breathes new life into the kit by adding a resin fuel tank. It comprises four components on two casting blocks, which will require removal and parts to be tidied prior to fitting. Detail on the tank itself is restrained, with a filler locator and bands across its surface, however the replacement panel – replicating the fuselage section removed to access the container – has accurate features cast integrally on its inner and outer surfaces.



Allies Jerry Cans Set WW2

By: MiniArt

Item no: 35587 Price: £15.99

Web: www.miniart-models.com

MiniArt has released another comprehensive set of accessories for adding incidental detail to models or dioramas, with this set providing World War Two Allied fuel containers. It comprises 15 grey styrene runners, plus a photo-etched brass fret and decal sheet. Components are moulded crisply, with no flash or seam lines, but ejector pin marks are visible through external surfaces (although they are not raised on these areas). There are five styles of storage vessel, with USA and British War Department (WD) labelling engraved on several parts, and extra markings provided as decals.



USS Discovery NCC-1031 Hangar Bay

By: Greenstrawberry

Item no: 08419 Price: US$23.92

Web: www.greenstrawberry.cz

Greenstrawberry specialises in photo-etched (PE) upgrades for sci-fi subjects, and this release is a hangar bay interior for Polar Light’s Crossfield-class USS Discovery, arguably the lead ‘character’ in the Star Trek spinoff TV series. Many components will require bending prior to assembly, with the minute nature of the PE necessitating delicacy during this process, but the result is a neat representation of the structural ribbing and accurate angled side walls. There is also the option for a two-part shutter, although this will cover the detailed structure inside.



Ju 88 Wheels Late

By: Eduard Item no: 648134

Price: £4.86 Web: www.eduard.com

This splendid wheel set is intended for Dragon’s 1/48 Ju 88. Supplied are a pair of mainwheel tyres with two-piece hubs, plus a tailwheel featuring separate PE mudguard components. Detail is to the firm’s usual high standards, with tyre sidewalls featuring convincing raised manufacturer legends and engraved tread, while separate wheel hubs are accurate representations of the fullsized items and will ease painting. Clever engineering means assembly will disguise marks from the casting blocks, which aids preparation.



Two pdr Pom Pom Mk.VIII gun on quad mount Mk.VII (x3)

By: Black Cat Models

Item no: AC350038 Price: €12.95

Web: www.blackcatmodels.eu

These minute 1/350 anti-aircraft batteries are 3D-printed items from French-manufacturer Black Cat Models, supplying three Mk.VIII ‘Pom- Pom’ guns on Mk.VII quad mounts, following the earlier eight-gun Mk.V emplacement release (see December 2019, Reviews). Each firing position is a two-piece assembly, with parts held to a printed block with small attachment points, making removal a simple process. Detail is intricate, with wonderfully fine handrails, weaponry controls and gun muzzles demonstrating the refinement that 3D printing can provide.



I-16 Late Type

By: Yahu Models

Item no: YMA7309 Price: £2.50

Web: www.yahumodels.


Part of its JustStick range, Yahu Models 1/72 I-16 pre-assembled instrument panel is designed as a drop-in replacement for ICM and Amodel offerings. The unit captures the look of the real item accurately, including the asymmetrical upper surface, while the displays themselves are recessed into the panel and are fully legible, with individual needles and numerals on each dial. The open cockpit of the type means that the interior is clearly visible, so this release will be a popular choice with modellers of Soviet aircraft.



Hurricane Mk.I Landing Flaps

By: Eduard

Item no: 72685 Price: £7.54

Web: www.eduard.com

Arma Hobby’s new-tool 1/72 Hurricanes are available in ‘Junior’ and ‘Expert’ configurations, with the latter containing photo-etched (PE) additions to the former’s styrene, enhancing the cockpit and undercarriage bay (see Reviews, September 2019). Eduard has taken this a step further by producing PE landing flaps, although fitting them will require the wings to be modified, plus the modeller is required to provide their own plastic rod. The components are well-detailed, with surfaces constructed in layers and fine rivets being engraved or embossed as necessary.


Acrylic Gloss Candy Inks

By: Green Stuff World

Item no: N/A Price: €22.37

Web: www.greenstuffworld.com

Modellers are arguably spoilt for choice when it comes to camouflage tones, but some projects require the application of bolder hues. This Candy Inks set from Green Stuff World is ideal for these purposes. Eight water-based acrylics are supplied in 17ml bottles, with suitably emotive names describing the range of shades: 1726 Amber Orange, 1737 Jade Green, 1738 Amethyst Purple, 1739 Sapphire Blue, 1755 Tiger Eye Brown, 1756 Ruby Red, 1757 Quartz Magenta and 1759 Citrine Yellow.



Bf 109G-4/R3 Conversion

By: AIMS Item no: 48P018

Price: £12.60 Web: aimsmodels.co.uk

Reconnaissance variants of World War Two fighters are rare, so AIMS’ Bf 109G-4/R3 conversion set is likely to be popular. It’s designed for Eduard’s 1/48 kit, and supplies a complete camera, film canister and fairing ensemble, long-range fuel tanks, new wing panels and cockpit controls. There is even a decal sheet with three markings options, two with a fuselage-mounted camera and one with a wing-mounted unit. All resin parts are cast beautifully, with recessed panel lines on the drop tanks, while the camera is a faithful Rb.50/30 replica.



F-104 C2 Ejection Seat

By: Eduard Item no: 648286

Price: £9.89 Web: eduard.com

Eduard’s 1/48 C-2 ejection seat is intended for Hasegawa’s kit and comprises four resin components, a photo-etched (PE) metal fret and a decal sheet. There’s a choice of two seat cushions, both with convincing renderings of the cloth material, while the seat back and ejection rails are replicated superbly. Harnesses and ejection firing handles are supplied pre-painted on the PE fret, although the former will require bending to fit accurately.



Leopard 2A4

By: Hauler

Item no: HLH72082 Price: €8.68

Web: www.hauler.cz

While Dragon’s Leopard 2A4 is regarded as one of the better offerings in this scale, Hauler’s photo-etched brass fret enhances the tank’s exterior significantly. Whether it’s the cupola vision block covers, engine grilles, laser-rangefinder/ sighting unit facings and doors, driving mirrors, crew foot rails or vision-block lenses, all parts are replicated accurately. It’s also surprising how little styrene must be removed before these additions can be fitted, highlighting just how much extra this delightful little set offers to armour modellers.



C-130J Engine Nacelles

By: Brengun

Item no: BRL48123 Price: €20.99

Web: www.brengun.cz

If Italeri’s C-130 kits (regardless of scale) have a weakness, it’s the engine nacelles, so Brengun’s re-boxing of Attack Squadron’s correction set is most welcome. The main structures are five-piece items, including auxiliary air flap and antennas, plus a separate (and accurately shaped) spinner. These are intended as direct replacements for the styrene components, although a short length must be removed on the wing parts for the inner nacelle. The casting is excellent and, as the engine cowling is hollow, these won’t add too much weight to the model.



Panavia Tornado Radar Nose

By: BRA.Z Models

Item no: BZ7001 Price: €8

Web: www.brazmodels.com

For some reason, the Panavia Tornado’s radome has proved challenging for kit manufacturers to replicate accurately, and this singlepiece resin replacement is intended for the Revell offering. It captures the complex curves of the real item correctly and will add significantly to any build. No instructions are provided, so modellers will need to check the styrene to determine the best cut line, after which it’s a simple matter of securing the new component with a cyanoacrylate or epoxy adhesive.



German Road Signs WW2 France 1944

By: MiniArt

Item no: 35600 Price: £11.99

Web: www.miniart-models.com

Diorama builders have much to savour with MiniArt’s German Road Signs in France set, which comprises 75 components on three styrene runners. Curiously, the surfaces of the signs (supplied in three styles with several sizes for each) exhibit fine engraved grain representation, yet those for the poles are coarser and suffer from excessive flash – almost as if these came from a different company/earlier product. A large full-colour decal sheet provides suitable dual German/ French signage, although several will require removal of the excessive carrier film.



Rafale C Seatbelts Grey

By: Eduard

Item no: FE968 Price: £4.86

Web: www.eduard.com

Eduard’s release is a photoetched (PE) steel upgrade set for Revell’s 1/48 Dassault Rafale; it’s a small fret containing prepainted harnesses and ejection handles, plus a white-textured seat back and lower cushion. Seatbelts and fine buckles are represented convincingly, while firing handles feature sharp colour contrasts between the yellow and black tones. The PE parts will need to be bent before they can be attached, plus moulded detail must be removed from the kit-supplied styrene to make way for the new items.



MA-1A USAF Start Cart


Item no: 7365 Price: €10.30

Web: www.cmkkits.com

MA-1A start carts were a familiar sight on US Air Force bases between the 1950s and 1970s, and CMK’s resin and photo-etched representation is an accurate replica. There is a onepiece body, with wheels and fittings, plus a small photo-etched brass fret, which provides exterior panelling, tie-down eyes and a towing arm. The casting is excellent, with finely reproduced tread on the wheels, while the two-part air hose must be immersed in hot water before being shaped to suit. Decals and full stencilling are supplied for an overall yellow cart, although those seen in Vietnam and Korea were Olive Drab.