IVECO Hi-Way E5 Abarth

By: Italeri Item no: 3934

Price: £59.99 Web: www.hobbyco.net

Italeri’s Iveco Stralis has been available since 2013, and the latest Hi-Way E5 Abarth boxing features a mix of runners from previous releases, plus frames from the European Tractors Tyres and Rims set (3909) and Truck Accessories II (3854). There’s much to savour, from the lavishly detailed engine and transmission to the well-appointed cab. Tyres are supplied as hollow vinyl items, and the tread is notable for its refinement. The single livery option is for the Italian Abarth racing team, with its striking combination of black/white chequers and red trim. As with most of Italeri’s trucks, the decal sheet is the main highlight, with rich colours, strong tonal density and sharp demarcations. Modellers wanting to replicate the team truck in full should consider the firm’s racing trailer (3936), which also features the Abarth scheme.



Model T 1912 Commercial Roadster


Item no: 24016 Price: £16.99

Web: www.hannants.co.uk

This is ICM’s third (and best value) Model T 1912 kit, being almost the price of earlier offerings, and gives modellers the chance to build the commercial roadster version, with open sides and a driver/passenger cover…the rear seat was left open to the elements. All this has been captured faithfully in styrene form on eight styrene runners (including one for the windows and lamp ‘glass’), and four solid vinyl tyres complete the package. Parts are moulded to this firm’s exacting standards, with a new frame supplying parts for the modified cab section and rear seat. Several neat touches impress greatly, from the starting handle to the provision of a ‘hooter-style’ horn and the combination of lamps and lights at the vehicle front. The single scheme portrays a dark green Model T, although a grey or blue machine would also be applicable for a 1912 town car.



Model T 1914 Fire Truck with Crew


Item no: 24017 Price: £27.99

Web: www.hannants.co.uk

ICM’s 1914 Fire Truck and the twoman crew have been available as separate items (24004/24006 respectively), but this combined package is considerably cheaper… and builds into a great vignette. There are seven styrene runners for the vehicle, plus an additional frame for the figures, and four solid vinyl tyres. Detail is excellent, and the fire truck’s busy layout is replicated with ladders, extinguishers and fire hose.

All parts are moulded crisply, and there’s an absence of flash and sink marks, while the seat upholstery is convincing. As this is one of the later mouldings, Runner D is supplied without brass/ chrome-plating, so modellers will need to replicate the metallic finish. The figures are depicted as a driver and probably a fire chief, as the latter is indicating which direction to take.




By: Italeri Item no: 3916

Price: £54.99 Web: www.hobbyco.net

Usually, when Italeri releases an updated version of an older kit the changes are apparent immediately; not so with its MAN TGX XXL, as all eight styrene runners and the chassis appear identical to its MAN TGA (3811). There is a new pre-cut self-adhesive sheet of chrome plating, a gloriously bright and colourful decal sheet and seven hollow vinyl tyres. On closer inspection, the parts on Runner A have crisper detail, while Runner H replaces older treadplate and exhaust components. While there is a well-appointed cab interior, it lacks an engine, and the transmission is less complex compared to other offerings. Both colour schemes feature metallic blue bodywork, with the difference being the colour and shape of the lion artwork, either gold or silver; registration plates from 15 nations complete the package.