AOSHIMA’S 1/700 Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) carrier Ryūjō (Dragon Horse) gets a major facelift, courtesy of Tetra Model Works’ photo-etched brass and laser-cut wood ensembles. Being a ‘true’ flat-top design (without an island superstructure), Ryūjō’s deck is its focal point, and Tetra’s IJN Aircraft Carrier Ryūjō (after 2nd upgrade) Flight Deck Set (SA-70012) improves it immensely. Comprising three photo-etched (PE) brass and metal frets, and two laser-cut self-adhesive decking sections, it replaces the kit’s styrene surface in its entirety, along with the stern support stanchions, and adds strengthening frames to the vessel’s rear overhang. Edge netting segments and various additional hull fittings are included, along with new aircraft lifts.

If the deck package seems busy, it’s nothing compared to the two PE brass frets in the IJN Carrier Ryūjō (after 2nd upgrade) Set (SE-70015), which supply railings, ladders, walkways, lattice masts, funnel trim, cranes, yet more deck netting and even extra hull compartments. Regardless of whether this is used on its own or with the flight deck improvements, it will transform the appearance of this carrier kit. More details are at: www.tetramodel.co.kr or www.sovereignhobbies.co.uk