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Modelling Gresley 'V2' 60800 Green Arrow

Locomotive-specific detailing can still be added to improve the newest ready-to-run models even further. RICHARD HALL shows how you can upgrade Bachmann’s already excellent model of ‘V2’ Green Arrow in its preserved condition.

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Modelling a West Coast Railtour

Railtours are a superb way of bringing variety to a layout. In the first of two step-by-step guides, RICHARD HALL shows how to recreate the railtour carriages  – which can be very different.


Specialising in detailing and modifying ‘OO’ gauge locomotives and rolling stock, Richard Hall has documented these projects in Hornby Magazine monthly issues and Yearbook annuals since 2021 with step-by-step guides. See the projects first hand at Model World LIVE.

Kernow Model Rail Centre LSWR box van. Review Premium

Kernow delivers ‘O’ gauge LSWR van

We inspect Kernow Model Rail Centre's 'O' gauge ready-to-run model of the LSWR Diagram 1410 box van. Read the full review here.

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BEGINNERS GUIDE: Choosing a model railway scale

Choosing a gauge to model can present a challenge. However, as RICHARD HALL explores, the ever-increasing ranges across multiple scales each provide their own strengths and benefits.