HM183 - September 2022

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Scalescenes Terrace shop - A step by step guide

Hornby Magazine and Scalescenes present a brand new 4mm scale kit for ‘OO’ gauge layouts which models a low relief terrace shop which can be used as part of the backdrop on almost any town-based model railway. JOHN WIFFEN explains how to build this brick structure using the free kit included with this issue.

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TRS Trains adds Working Diesel Exhausts

TRS TRAINS has applied its smoke generator technology to diesel locomotives, with the first project to arrive in the Hornby Magazine office being a Dapol Class 52 ‘Western’ equipped with twin atomisers for ‘OO’ gauge.

More layouts for the 2022 Great Electric Train Show

The layout line-up for the 2022 Great Electric Train Show on October 8/9 at the Marshall Arena in Milton Keynes continues to expand with the latest additions headlined by Simon Paley’s brand-new modern day Southern Region layout, Collingwood.

Bachmann Mk 2 DBSO for OO gauge Review Premium

Bachmann modern era DBSOs

The Driving Brake Second Open (DBSO) coaches are a sought-after part of the Bachmann Mk 2F collection. MIKE WILD checks out one of the latest versions which models these push-pull coaches in their final form. Read our full review online first here.

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STAFF PROJECTS: Electrical endeavours for New Junction

With the build racing ahead, it was time to pause for reflection giving time to complete the more mundane tasks on this new ‘OO’ layout. RICHARD WATSON plods on with the essential but repetitive tasks.

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British Rail's Mk2 DBSOs

Railway operators are always seeking ways to improve efficiency, and one of the most interesting results of this process was the conversion of a number of brake coaches to include a cab, enabling a train to be driven from either end. EVAN GREEN-HUGHES looks more closely at British Rail’s Mk2 Driving Brake Second Opens.

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Orleton Road - Western region in the 1940s

Recreating a famous layout by Peter Denny in ’OO’ gauge looked like an easy project for DAN EVASON. However, fitting it into a garage presented some intriguing challenges, as Dan explains.

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Bridge Building - a step by step guide

A bridge offers a useful scenic focal point on a model railway. DAN EVASON shows how he built a unique structure for a ’OO9’ gauge layout.

Flangeway models 'OO' gauge ‘Salmon’ wagon SA002 Review Freemium

Flangeway ‘Salmon’ wagon for 'OO' gauge

After a protracted development which resulted in a dimensionally inaccurate model appearing, Flangeway’s revised ‘OO’ gauge 50ton ‘Salmon’ bogie rail wagon is here. MARK CHIVERS inspects this latest catch.

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Have you ever wondered what the various items of lineside equipment are on today’s modern railway? In the first of a series of articles, SIMON PALEY outlines the role they play and how you can replicate them in model form.