Scratch Building

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Bespoke Barn Build

What do you do when there are no suitable buildings available as kits or ‘ready to plant’? DAN EVASON shows that making your own structure can be simple and provide a unique aspect to a layout.

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In the final part of his series, MALCOLM BRIGGS shows how to add the finishing touches to model structures to make them look as realistic as possible.

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Making Buildings from Scratch – Part 5

Taking all of the techniques used in his series so far, MALCOLM BRIGGS applies them to create a power house which, with adaptation, could easily find railway use.

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Making Buildings from Scratch – Part 4

When the shell of a building is finished, you can consider modelling the inside where it will be visible. MALCOLM BRIGGS explains how he creates realistic interiors - and what can be left out.

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Making Buildings from Scratch – Part Three

Building on the techniques of his new series, MALCOLM BRIGGS shows how to build a shop in ‘OO’ gauge ready for later interior fitting.

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Making Buildings from Scratch – part 2

Having established why structures are built in the way they are, MALCOLM BRIGGS puts theory into practice by scratchbuilding a weighbridge hut in 'OO' scale for the second part of our building construction series.

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Making buildings from scratch

Creating bespoke buildings for your layout may sound daunting, but as MALCOLM BRIGGS shows in the start of a new series, it is far easier than you might think.

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Construction: Scratch-building in styrene

TIM SHACKLETON demonstrates the basics of wagon building using plastic sheet and strip – what’s involved, what to use, how to go about it. Using ordinary hand tools and equally simple techniques, it may be easier than you might think.

JS Models launches laser-cut roof slates

JS Models has added a selection of laser-cut roofing slate strips to its growing range of 4mm and 7mm scale building kits and detailing accessories.

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ANDY GLOVER uses styrene sheet and strip to model an impressive canal side structure for his ‘N’ gauge layout with methods which can be used for 2mm or 4mm scales.