Freight wagons come in all shapes and sizes to suit transport of a multitude of goods. From coal, iron and stone to steel, cement and agricultural produce there is a wagon to suit your needs in model form. Delve into our news, review and feature articles across the scales of 'N', 'OO', 'OO9' and 'O' gauge to find out more.

New Diesel Brake Tenders launch!


A new batch of three different ‘OO’ gauge Diesel Brake Tender models are now available from Key Publishing. Mike Wild introduces these new releases.


Dapol adds ‘OO’ ARC JHAs


Dapol is developing all-new ‘OO’ gauge models of the Powell and Duffryn designed JHA bogie hopper wagons, originally built for ARC aggregates use.


Dapol super-sizes HIAs for ‘O’ gauge


Dapol has revealed it is to bolster its ‘O’ gauge range with a newly-tooled HIA limestone hopper wagon.


Heljan launches 2023 catalogue

Visitors to the Warley National Model Railway exhibition were the first to see Heljan’s 2023 catalogue featuring new locomotives and rolling stock for ‘OO’, 'OO9' and ‘O’ gauges, as well as the return of many existing models.

Heljan unveils ‘O’ gauge PCAs

Heljan and Realism Redefined – the retail arm of Britain’s Biggest Model Railway – have joined forces to create a ready-to-run ‘O’ gauge model of the PCA depressed centre bulk powder four-wheel tanker.

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Rapido UK announces all-new LMS open wagon for 'OO'

Rapido Trains UK are adding the LMS Diagram 1666 open wagon to its growing range of ‘OO’ gauge steam era wagons.

All-new OAA air-braked open in ‘N’ from Rapido

Rapido Trains UK is to produce an ‘N’ gauge version of the 45ton Open AB open wagon, better known as the OAA.

Nuclear Vision

Revolution Trains has received the first Engineering Prototype (EP) samples of its forthcoming ‘OO’ FNA-D nuclear flask wagons.

More KR Consett hoppers

KR Models has confirmed a second run of its recent ‘OO’ gauge Consett Iron Ore hoppers (HM180) with new running numbers.

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Accurascale introduces new PFA nuclear fleet

Mike Wild.

The 1986 introduced PFA four-wheel container flats took on a new lease of life of nuclear waste traffic in the 2000s. MIKE WILD gets to grips with the latest container options for these superbly detailed flats.

Mike Wild.