Bachmann Bulleids gain colour

BACHMANN HAS received decorated samples of its newly-tooled ‘OO’ gauge Southern Railway Bulleid carriages for evaluation.


First announced in 2018, Bachmann is producing the all-new Bulleid coaches as Corridor Brake Third Semi-Open (BTK), Corridor Composite (CK), Corridor Third (TK) and Corridor Brake Composite (BCK) vehicles.

Bachmann's all-new tooling suite will cover detail differences between vehicles , including smooth-sided or bodyside strengthening rib examples, shallow (10in) and deep (15in) window vent options, Bulleid or BR Mk 1 pattern battery boxes and dynamos, single or twin vacuum brake cylinders, long or short roof tanks, extended or short footboards and more.


Eleven models are planned for the first batch of releases in Southern Railway (SR) malachite green, BR carmine and cream and BR (SR) green (see table for individual running numbers). Each will also benefit from separately fitted roof vents, lamp irons, toilet filler and overflow pipework, accurate footsteps, detailed interiors and detailed underframes, including continuous vacuum pipe run.


Prices are set at £74.95 each, with delivery anticipated during the third quarter of 2022.

SR Bulleid BTK 3993 (10in vents), SR malachite green 34-725
SR Bulleid BTK 3994 (10in vents), SR malachite green 34-725A
SR Bulleid BTK S4377S (10in vents), BR (SR) green 34-726
SR Bulleid BTK S4005 (15in vents), BR carmine and cream 34-727
SR Bulleid BTK S4006 (15in vents), BR carmine and cream 34-727A
SR Bulleid CK 5771 (10in vents), SR malachite green 34-750
SR Bulleid CK S5865 (15in vents), BR carmine and cream 34-751
SR Bulleid TK S1935 (10in vents), BR (SR) green 34-775
SR Bulleid TK S75 (15in vents), BR carmine and cream 34-776
SR Bulleid TK S76 (15in vents), BR carmine and cream 34-776A
SR Bulleid BCK S6706S (10in vents), BR (SR) green 34-800

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