Bachmann's Branchline Bulleids break through

Bachmann's Branchline Bulleids break through

Bachmann has received first Engineering Prototype (EP) samples of its all-new 'OO' gauge Bulleid carriages for evaluation by the development team.


First announced in 2018, each of the new 'OO' carriages has been tooled from scratch with Corridor Brake Composite (BCK), Semi-Open Corridor Brake Third (BTK), Corridor Third (TK) and Corridor Composite (CK) examples planned, while liveries cover Southern Railway (SR) malachite green, BR carmine and cream and BR green.


The extensive tooling suite will cater for vehicles in original as-built condition as well as the later modified reinforced bodysides, with corresponding prototypical detail differences represented such as options for shallow (10in) or deep (15in) window ventilators, Bulleid or BR Mk 1 dynamos and battery boxes, single or twin vacuum brake cylinders, guard's handrail types, footboard positioning, detailed interiors and more. Separately fitted detailing includes roof vents, lamp irons, vestibule end handrails, toilet filler pipework and more.


In total, eleven vehicles will be released across the three colour schemes with correct running numbers to form authentic fixed vehicle sets, as three-car set 790 (BTK+CK+BTK) with 10inch window vents in SR malachite green (Cat Nos. 34-725/34-750/34-725A), five-car set 847 (BTK+TK+CK+TK+BTK) with 15inch window vents in BR carmine and cream (34-727/34-776/34-751/34-776A/34-727A), two-car set 69 with 10inch window vents and bodyside strengthening ribs in BR green (34-726/34-800) and a single BR numbered 'loose' TK with 10inch window vents in malachite green (34-775).


Prices and a delivery date have yet to be advised.


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