New Resin Accessories from Beacon Models

New British company Beacon Models has announced a range of resin figures and accessories to accompany its first 1/144 kits, plus 1/72 versions.

Beacon Models has announced the release of several resin accessory sets intended to accompany its 1/144 Spitfire and Bf 109 double-pack, plus up-scaled versions suitable for 1/72 scenes.

There are four sets – adding to the firm’s existing range of standing and seated pilot figures (these were previously available as STL files for home-printing) – including a German and British ground vehicle apiece, RAF dispersal hut and aircrew awaiting a sortie.

While much attention is on the British side of the conflict, a Volkswagen Type 82 Kübelwagen ensures there is something to satisfy Luftwaffe fans – the depiction features a separate internal piece enabling neat driving compartment features to be represented. Figures could also be added – though a closed soft-top means limited visual access into this area.

It’s a similar story with a Hillman light utility vehicle – known affectionally as a ‘Tilly’ – which also has a separate internal component. Glazing is suggested as being applicable via Microscale’s Kristal Klear or similar. Both of these vehicles are available in 1/144 and 1/72, priced at £3 or £6, respectively.

Largest of the sets is an RAF dispersal hut – a temporary or pre-fabricated structure used to spread materiel and crew around an airfield to prevent catastrophic losses in a single area. This example is a wooden building with corrugated tin roof and stovepipe chimney – though sadly, there’s no interior or glazing. In 1/144, the hut is priced at £5, with a 1/72 equivalent priced at £16.95.

A set of six aircrew figures – supplied with one individual riding a motorcycle plus wicker armchairs and a sumptuous Jaguar SS sportscar – completes the selection. Poses are the aforementioned rider, an airman gesticulating as if preparing for flight, one standing with a dog and another stood at ease, a pilot sitting in one of the chairs and a final man lying on the floor. The car is a one-piece replica. Prices are £12.95 and £25.95 for 1/144 and 1/72, respectively.

These three British sets could all be combined and paired with the company’s Spit to form a superb airliner-scale diorama, or used with a 1/72 equivalent. Prices offer strong value-for-money considering these are all resin accessories; all – along with the firm’s kits and decals – are available from the Beacon Models website.