‘O’ gauge ‘Seacow’, ‘Sealion’ and ‘Shark’ next for Ellis Clark

Ellis Clark Trains has revealed a triple-bill of new ballast wagons for ‘O’ gauge modelling the ‘Seacow’ and ‘Sealion’ hoppers together with the ‘Shark’ ballast plough.

The popular ‘Shark’ ballast plough together with the long-lived ‘Seacow’ and ‘Sealion’ ballast hoppers have been selected as the next ready-to-run ‘O’ gauge wagons to be produced exclusively by Ellis Clark Trains.

The trio of new wagons are the follow-up to the retailer’s first home-grown goods wagon - the BR 22ton Presflo – and will be designed in the UK with manufacturing completed in China.

Ellis Clark Trains is producing the 'Seacow' and 'Sealion' ballast hoppers for 'O' gauge. These are the CAD drawing renders for the new models.Ellis Clark Trains is producing the first ready-to-run model of the BR 'Shark' ballast plough for 'O' gauge.

The ‘Shark’ ballast plough was introduced in 1951 as a BR standard vehicle using an LMS design as its basis. More than 200 were completed with 48 in preservation today following withdrawal of the last from main line service in the mid-2010s. These vans were used to plough freshly laid ballast dropped by ‘Seacow’, ‘Sealion’ and other ballast hoppers.

Ellis Clark’s new ‘O’ gauge model will be priced at £120 with the specification including a die-cast frame, injection moulded body, adjustable height ploughs, detailed cabin interior, sprung axle boxes, optional vacuum pipes, working screw link couplings, sprung metal buffers and metal handrails.

Colour schemes will cover BR black, olive green and ‘Dutch’ grey and yellow with three versions in each livery – two numbered, one unnumbered, the latter supplied with a transfer sheet.

Underframe detail is impressive in the CAD render images.

Joining the ‘Shark’ are models of the air-braked ‘Seacow’ as well as the dual-braked ‘Sealion’ wagons. The first of these wagons were built in 1970 with their heritage extending back to a 1903 London & South Western Railway design.

Ellis Clark’s new models will follow the pattern of the ‘Shark’ and include correct brake equipment for the two wagon types. Highlights of the specification include a die-cast frame and injection moulded body, sprung Instanter couplings, etched brass walkway covers in two styles, sprung buffers and a fully detailed hopper body.

The new ballast hoppers will have detailed hopper bodies.

Prices for the bogie ballast hoppers are set at £150 for individual wagons or £140 per wagon when purchasing three or more. A bundle to purchase any five ‘Seacows’ or ‘Sealions’ with a ‘Shark’ ballast plough will also be available priced at £800.

Colour schemes planned for the ‘Sealion’ wagons cover BR black, olive green and ‘Dutch’ grey and yellow with a choice of numbered and unnumbered versions of each. The ‘Seacow’ will be available in BR black, ‘Dutch’ grey and yellow and EWS maroon and gold.

Etched brass walkways will be created for the new wagons in two different styles.

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