Gravesdown South ‘OO’ gauge layout

Built as a display layout for an increasing collection of ‘OO’ gauge rolling stock, this BR blue era layout is now a bustling scene.

Gauge: ‘OO’ | Period: 1970-1980| Region: Western Region | Operating team: Brian Tamplin and DOGA

Gravesdown South models the BR blue era in 'OO' gauge.
Gravesdown South models the BR blue era in 'OO' gauge. Trevor Jones.

This layout was designed to display my increasing collection of locomotives, and the initial design has since been adapted for it to be used in conjunction with other layout modules of a local model railway club.

With this in mind, the area portrayed is loosely in the Bristol area between 1970 and 1980. This gives the opportunity to include various types of diesel-hydraulic together with the more usual diesel-electric types found in the area at this time.

The layout provides light servicing, fuel and turn-around facilities for a larger station and freight yard further up the line, while a small station provides a transport link for the local community.

The locomotives and DMUs are  DCC controlled using NCE equipment, with points operated by powered point motors. Rolling stock is either ready-to-run or kit built, sometimes modified to represent specific locomotives and vehicles.

Gravesdown South featured in HM159 – read the full feature here.