Characters from the cult 1960s science-fiction show are now available as 1/35 figures from Greenstrawberry, as CHRIS CLIFFORD reports.


Subscribers to streaming service Netflix may have seen the excellent remake of the much-loved 1960s science-fiction show Lost in Space. Some younger fans possibly don’t know it was based on the original 1960s TV show, created by Irwin Allen. Both series (albeit with very different scripts) follow the travails of the Robinson family, who become, literally, lost in space while trying to find an Earth-like planet that orbits the star Alpha Centauri. The journey is part of a wider space colonisation plan. In the 1960s version, Married John and Maureen Robinson are accompanied by their three children Judy, Penny and Will, plus pilot Maj Don West. But they are accidentally launched with Dr Zachary Smith who, it emerges, is an enemy agent and saboteur. The last part of the crew equation is that of the Robinsons' Robot B9… a firm favourite with viewers at that time.

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Keen sci-fi builders will almost certainly be aware that Moebius Models released a large and well-appointed 1/35 kit of the Robinsons’ spacecraft, Jupiter 2, in 2018. It even featured the trademark cryogenic freezing tubes as seen in the show… but no figures. This is where noted sci-fi aftermarket specialist Greenstrawberry comes in. It has, under official licence, released the whole Robinson family with Don West in a 1/35 resin figure package (135023), the characters posed standing straight with arms at their sides, to inhabit the tubes for deep-space flight.

All figures are portrayed with the iconic high-collared silver suits as worn on the show. Due to accomplished sculpting of the masters, they are good likenesses, with the facial features and hair ably echoing those of the real actors. The sizing is also well considered, as are little details such as the high laced boots worn by both adult males, along with Judy’s structured ponytail-come-beehive hair-do. While aimed at use with the Moebius kit, skilled scratch-builders could in fact craft their own cryo-tubes for a vignette, without the need for the rest of the Jupiter 2.


Above: Scheming Dr Zachary Smith is available in two different poses, with slightly different clothing.

For an added fun factor, Greenstrawberry has also sculpted two 1/35 versions of popular ‘baddie’ Dr Smith (played magnificently by Jonathan Harris who also, interestingly, ‘doctored’ the series’ scripts). Figure 135025 is Smith in a belted one-piece coverall, shirt and tie, with right arm close against the diaphragm. The other, 135026, is a little more involved. Instead of having one arm to attach to the otherwise fully formed body, this figure has both arms and the head as separate pieces. Joyfully, though, Harris’s characterful visage is a great likeness on both figures… the latter without the coverall, but sporting trousers, shirt and tie, with both arms by his sides.


Above: The Robot B9 is a small project in itself with both cast resin and PE components.

"Bubble-headed booby!"

Lastly, and to some the most desirable, is item 135024, The Robot. This is a proper little kit in itself with 11 resin pieces and two clear-frosted components, plus 19 in photo-etched (PE) brass. The PE items include the prominent ‘pincers’, running tracks and platforms between the resin bellowed legs. Several impressive features are the wheels cast into the ‘feet’, the torso control panel and the lower of the two clear parts, which has accurate circumferential ribbing. This subject would stand brilliantly as a standalone figure on a custom/polished wood base – and arguably has the most appeal. However, if you have Moebius’s Jupiter 2, all the figures here will be superb additions to your model.

In the UK, Greenstrawberry products are available via Severn View Hobbies, being priced as follows:

•    135023 Crew in Freezing Tubes £41.95
•    135024 Robot B9 £37.95
•    135025 Dr Smith vol.I £27.95
•    135026 Dr Smith vol.II £27.95