VIDEO: Heljan Class 50 with ZIMO sound

In the latest issue of Hornby Magazine we show how to install digital sound in the Heljan 'O' gauge Class 50. Join us in this video to see the finished model in action on Seven Mill Depot and our garden layout.

Heljan's 'O' gauge Class 50 has been a popular arrival for 7mm scale. The production models of the Class 50 touched down in December and we thought it was high time we showed how to make the most of the huge interior space available within.

Our sound project uses a ZIMO MX696KS sound decoder and a large 100mm twin speaker. It also has custom lighting added together with independent operation of the roof fan, all of which is explained in full in HM156's Digital Control feature.

Join Hornby Magazine's Mike Wild as he talks us through the sound features in this ZIMO fitted Heljan Class 50 and takes it for a run on his garden railway.