Heljan withdraws 'TT:120' plans


Heljan has confirmed that it is to withdraw plans for an all-new 'TT:120' scale range of model railway products and has cancelled its proposed 'TT:120' Class 31 A1A-A1A.

In an update on the company's UK website, the manufacturer said: "There’s been a lot of focus on 'TT 1:120' scale this week, and we’ve obviously been paying close attention to developments. We were gratified to see that our initial trio of locomotive choices for 'TT' was so ‘on the money’ that all three also appeared in the Hornby range. C’est la vie.

Such duplication in a new and, so far, unknown market produces no winners, only losers. We were genuinely excited about the possibilities of this new scale but, in the circumstances, and with a heavy heart, we are ceasing development of our 'TT 1:120' model range."

For more information, visit www.heljan.co.uk.