Hornby reveals exclusive Collector Club 'P2'

Hornby has revealed an exclusive Collector Club model of LNER ‘P2’ 2-8-2 2005 Thane of Fife for ‘OO’ gauge.



Gresley’s streamlined ‘P2’ 2-8-2 2005 Thane of Fife has been selected as the next exclusive Hornby Collector Club model. The new ‘OO’ gauge release was revealed during Hornby's Virtual Collector Club day on March 25.

The new model of Thane of Fife models the Gresley 2-8-2 in original form with streamlined smokebox and it will carry LNER lined apple green livery depicting the locomotive as it was in service in Era 3 between delivery in 1936 and rebuilding as an ‘A2/2’ in 1943.


2005 was completed at Doncaster Works in 1936 and differed from the other ‘P2s’ as it was not fitted with a Kylchap double blastpipe. Like the rest of the ‘P2s’, the locomotive was based in Scotland to work heavy Edinburgh-Aberdeen expresses over the challenging route. In 1943, 2005 was selected for rebuilding by Edward Thompson as the first of the ‘A2/2’ 4-6-2s which saw the locomotive in service for another 16 years before final withdrawal in November 1959.


Release of the new model of 2005 Thane of Fife is expected in summer 2023 with the price set at £199.99. The specification incorporates NEM coupling pockets with small tension lock couplings, a 21-pin decoder socket, space for a speaker, a five-pole motor in the locomotive, turned metal buffers, locomotive-specific details and a new locomotive to tender power coupling.


Ordering opened at 10am on March 25 for Collector Club Members only.

• Visit uk.hornby.com/community/hornby-club for more information.