VIDEO: Locomotion Models, Rails of Sheffield and Heljan product launch

Locomotion Models and Rails of Sheffield have partnered with Heljan to create a first-ever ready-to-run model of the North Eastern Railway Bo-Bo electric ES1.

THE NORTH EASTERN RAILWAY (NER) British Thomson Houston Bo-Bo electric locomotives are the subject of a brand-new ‘OO’ gauge collaboration between Locomotion Models, Rails of Sheffield and manufacturer Heljan.

The all-new model has been developed as the next release in the National Collection in Miniature series with release planned in late 2022. Five versions are being produced: two exclusive to Locomotion Models and three for Rails of Sheffield.

Locomotion Models ES1 for 'OO' gauge.

The real locomotives were ordered in 1902 as part of the NER’s plans to electrify a ¾-mile long goods route which joined Trafalgar Yard in Manors to Newcastle Quayside Yard. The steeply graded line had tight tunnels which meant electric traction was seen as ideal. Two locomotives were ordered based on a General Electric and Thomson-Houston designed locomotive for the Milan-Varese railway in Italy, with the British locomotives being built in 1903-1904 for operation with overhead wires and third-rail power systems. They were known as ES1 – Electric Shunting 1.

The two locomotives remained in service until 1964 when diesel traction took over by which time they had carried North Eastern Railway, London North Eastern Railway and British Railways liveries. Only one of the two survives today – NER No. 1 which is on display at Locomotion in Shildon as part of the National Collection.

Locomotion Models ES1 for 'OO' gauge.Locomotion Models ES1 for 'OO' gauge.

The model specification calls for a Next18 DCC decoder socket, working directional lights, cab interior lights, NEM coupling pockets and space for a speaker while a five-pole motor is also provided in each locomotive with drive to all wheels. The motor is low-profile and positioned centrally under the driving cab while above the cab is a sprung diamond pattern pantograph.

Liveries chosen for the ‘OO’ gauge model cover No. 1 in NER lined green in museum condition (Cat No. 1200) plus No. 1 in NER lined green as it was between 1908 and 1923 (1201), both of which are exclusive to Locomotion Models. In addition Rails of Sheffield will be offering versions finished as No. 1 in LNER unlined black (1202), 26500 in BR black with early crests (1203) and 26500 in BR lined apple green with late crests (1204).

Prices are set at £220 for all versions with pre-ordering available now.

Locomotion Models ES1 for 'OO' gauge.

• Visit Locomotion or Rails of Sheffield for more information.


Locomotion Models ES1 for 'OO' gauge.

Price: £220.00

Availability: Late 2022

Motor: Five-pole

Decoder socket: Next18

Exterior lights: Directional headlamps

Interior lights: Cab lights

Couplings: Small tension locks in NEM pockets


No. 1 NER lined green, museum condition, present day (Cat No. 1200)

No. 1 NER lined green,1903-1923 (era 2) (Cat No. 1201)

No. 1 LNER unlined black, 1924-1944 (era 3) (Cat No. 1202)

26500 BR black, early crests, 1948-1956 (era 4) (Cat No. 1203)

26500 BR lined green, late crests, 1956-1964 (era 5) (Cat No. 1204)