10.5cm StuH.42 Ausf.E/F

By: Dragon Item no: 7561

Price: £15.99


As with its small-scale Pz.Kpfw.IV and StuG.III (see Reviews, Dec 2017 and Feb 2018), Dragon has revamped its StuH.42 with an ingenious combined track/running gear combo. This release shares many parts with the latter offering, also utilising the baseline Pz.Kpfw.III lower hull, which requires surgery (identified clearly in the instructions) to replicate the vehicle correctly. Dragon’s reputation for detail is maintained — with separate shock absorbers, and crisp integrally moulded tools and fire extinguisher. The main gun has a hollow muzzle, but would benefit from the muzzle brake apertures being opened. Similarly, the tracks exhibit splendid relief on the outer faces, but the inner side is noticeably smooth; while simpler than either link-and-length or DS-Styrene alternatives, this is yet another feature set to divide modellers’ opinions. Two schemes are supplied:

• StuG.Abt.185, Eastern Front, October 1942

• White 13/II, Eastern Front, 1942


KHD A3000

By: ICM Item no: 35454

Price: £27.99 Web:

While at first glance ICM’s A3000 seems identical to its earlier S3000, the former represents the ‘A’ military cross-country variant, which had four-wheel drive, and features a reworked leaf-spring suspension and deepened sump. These are all supplied on a new Runner G, otherwise the parts content is identical to the earlier release, with five styrene frames and eight vinyl tyres. The moulding is first-rate, and surface detail is rendered with a combination of crisp raised and engraved relief; the powerplant and drivetrain is a superbly refined sub-assembly. A well-appointed cab offers a choice of open/closed doors, while surgery will be needed on the covers if one wants to display the engine. There are two markings options, for one German Army and one Luftwaffe vehicle:

• WH-1207289, Ukraine, 1942

• WL-132572, Italy, summer 1944


Sd.Kfz.3a Maultier

By: Rubicon Models

Item no: 280046 Price: £18


This is one of Rubicon’s more involved offerings, with three sturdy styrene runners and a separate single-piece cab/bonnet combining for a superb half-track Maultier (mule). Mixing minimal parts count with as much detail as allowed by current moulding technology is challenging, but the firm has succeeded here, notably with the one-part track/running gear units. No windscreen is supplied, but there is a template for use with acetate sheet. Options include early and latewar cargo deck panels, which can be augmented by a canvas tilt, and those wanting to load their Maultier will find Rubicon’s German Stowage Set 1 useful. No specific vehicles are suggested, but there’s a generic German decal sheet, with a variety of Wehrmacht and Luftwaffe registration plates, Balkenkreuze, unit symbols (including Afrika Korps) and stencils.


SU-76M with Crew

By: MiniArt

Item no: 35262 Price: £34.99


MiniArt’s excellent Su-76M is reworked, adding a photo-etched brass fret, plus styrene runners from its separate 57mm and 76mm Shells w/Ammo Boxes (35064) and Soviet Self-Propelled Gun Crew (35037) sets. It’s an instant diorama in a box (all one needs is a suitable setting) as well as superb value. There’s a busy fighting compartment with splendid main gun, almost a complete ammo load, personal weapons and individual-link tracks. The five overall 4BO Russian Green schemes are:

• White A-514/2, SP Arty Div, 11th Guards Army, Eastern Prussia, 1944

• White 11/994, Eastern Prussia, 1945

• White 1659, 1238th SP Arty Regt, Poland, March 1945

• White 31/Л31403, 1448th SP Arty Regt, Poland, 1944

• White 14/434040/2, 1223rd SP Arty Regt, 5th Guards Tk Army, 1944


Germany WWII E-75 Heavy Tank with 88mm Gun

By: Modelcollect

Item no: MA72001 Price: US $29.99


‘Paper’ Panzer fans, and modellers who prefer smaller scales both win with Modelcollect’s first release in its limited-edition Master Level range. This 1/72 E-75 is superb and mixes new styrene components with those from the firm’s E-50 kit, while also offering a turned brass main gun barrel and a generous array of photoetched brass details, including engine deck mesh screens, treadplate for the turret basket floor, fenders and more. The styrene is well detailed… the engine deck and tow cables being particularly impressive. Linkand- length tracks ease construction, there’s a complete Maybach engine and turret interior (which also comprises racked ammunition) and inner features for the hull. It’s all topped off by a pleasing set of crew figures in standing/seated poses, and decals for schwere Panzer-Abteilung 505 and 510. Stunning stuff!


Artilleriegeneratorwagen M-16

By: Plus Model

Item no: 454 Price: €169.40


Plus Model’s new item secured Modellfan magazine’s ‘Kit of the Year’ accolade this year at Nuremberg. It’s one heck of a package, with a mind-boggling number of parts (mostly resin, but with many photo-etched brass details) and depicts the Austro-Hungarian Army’s petrol-electricengined artillery tractor. The detail is sublime, and everything from the real machine is replicated…so it’s just for experienced modellers. Copper wire is provided, to emulate push-rods and linkages, and one can’t help but marvel at the mastering involved. It’s difficult to name individual highlights, but items such as the integrally cast cable on the winch, and the rear canvas tilt, are delightful. A decal sheet provides registrations/instruments, and a CD carries photos of parts, subassemblies and real machines


ZiL-131 MTO-AT

By: ICM Item no: 35520

Price: £27.99 Web:

Once again, ICM has delivered a surprise, this time in the shape of the ZiL-131-based MTO-AT recovery vehicle, and it is the first styrene release of the type. It shares most of its 12 styrene runners (including two clear) and eight vinyl wheels with the Emergency Truck (35518), adding a single new frame for the front chassis-mounted 1.5 tonne capacity boom crane and associated generators, roof rack and equipment boxes. This means there is a fully detailed engine, cab, suspension and box-body vehicle interior; the latter receives extra workshop fittings to reflect its recovery role. The crane can be positioned stowed/deployed, and one must add wire/thread to connect this to the front winch. There are four markings options, all for overall Russian Green machines assigned to Soviet/ Russian and Ukrainian Army units in the late 1980s or 2000s.


DAK Pz.Bef.Wg.III Ausf.H

By: Dragon Item no: 6901

Price: £69.99 Web:

Dragon has amended its 2016 Panzer Befehlswagen III Ausf.H Smart Kit to depict an Afrika Korps machine, with a new stowage box on the engine deck. But, one can also replicate an Eastern Front tank with the extra markings provided. The kit has runners from various Dragon boxings, but the key feature (the telescopic radio mast) is replicated well, having come from the firm’s Sd.Kfz.251/6. Correctly, it is attached to the inner hull and extends through a dedicated turret hatch. Plenty of interior detail is supplied, via seats, radios, map board etc, while photoetched brass parts include engine screens and external equipment mounts/brackets. The model also totes the dummy 37mm main gun fitted to the early Ausf.H, and one receives DS Styrene one-piece tracks. The four colour schemes are:

• Red R, Pz.Rgt.8, 15.Pz.Div, North Africa, 1940

• Black II, North Africa, 1940

• ‘Bärenführer’, Pz.Rgt.35, 3.Pz.Div, Eastern Front, 1942

• White III 01, 7.Pz.Div, Eastern Front, 1942