Scorpion and Scimitar upscale to ‘O’

PJM Models has upscaled its popular 3D printed Scorpion and Scimitar 3D printed CVR(T)s for ‘O’ gauge modellers and they are available now exclusively from the Key Model World Shop.

The first ‘O’ scale product has joined the Key Model World Shop with the addition of 3D printed Scorpion and Scimitar Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance (Tracked) kits.

3D printed 'O' gauge Scorpion CVR(T).

The new kits build on the popular ‘OO’ gauge versions of the British Army vehicles which were regularly transported by rail and contain 3D printed hulls, turrets and tracks together with brass rod for the gun barrels. The new ‘O’ gauge kits are designed to 7mm scale and will make ideal loads for the Hattons ‘O’ gauge ‘Warwell’ wagons.

The FV101 Scorpion was introduced to service with the British Army in 1971 with the FV107 following in 1973. They were also used by the RAF Regiment and EOD teams with 3,000 Scorpion and 600 Scimitar being built. Scorpion withdrawals were completed in 1994 with the last Scimitar withdrawn in April 2023. The kits cater for the differences in turret and gun design for the two vehicles.

The new 3D printed kits are in stock now priced at £34.99 each.

Visit the Key Model World Shop for more information.