HM199 - January 2024

Hornby Class 31 with Triplex Sound for OO gauge. Feature Premium

TXS 8-pin Installation Hornby Class 31 Upgrades

The Hornby Class 31 is a simple locomotive to add Triplex Sound into and in this guide we move on to upgrade the speaker. MIKE WILD explains how.

Hornby HST with Bluetooth Triplex Sound Feature Premium

VIDEO: TXS 21-pin Installation Hornby HST Power Cars

The latest generation Hornby Class 43 High Speed Train power cars set out to make sound installation simple. MIKE WILD adds a pair of TXS 21-pin chips to EMT liveried 43049 and 43060 and demonstrates the finished models on video.

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Installing Hornby Triplex sound in ‘TT:120’ scale

Hornby’s new collection of ‘TT:120’ scale locomotives makes use of the smallest and most compact DCC interface - Next18. MIKE WILD explains what it is and how it works.

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Using the HM|DCC APP to upload a sound profile

For new and experienced DCC users, the HM|DCC app makes setting up a model easier than ever. MARK CHIVERS shows how in a simple step-by-step guide.

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TXS Power Supplies -  Power Options

There are three primary options to power HM7000 Bluetooth-controlled trains. MARK CHIVERS looks at the possibilities.

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What is Hornby's HM7000?

Hornby launched a new way to control model railways in 2023. MARK CHIVERS explains how the HM7000 system works - and why you should consider it.

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Hornby Triplex Sound Bluetooth decoder choices

Hornby offers a range of Bluetooth-enabled DCC decoders for all budgets and purposes. MARK CHIVERS explains their capabilities and differences.

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In the final part of his series, MALCOLM BRIGGS shows how to add the finishing touches to model structures to make them look as realistic as possible.

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Station Porter with Churns

With the growing popularity of ‘TT:120’, 3D printing is providing a comprehensive range of figures and details for the scale.

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Point Motor Wiring Board

Now available from Model Rail Electrics, this ready to use point motor board allows for both easy wiring for point control and additional functionality without soldering.