VIGNETTES ARE great for displaying figures, a vehicle or a mixture of both, and adM Models’ growing range of bases is ideal as a means of showcasing one’s scale efforts.

The resin 1/35 Tarmac Road with Manhole Cover, Pavement and Wall Section is sized to fit a 5 x 7in (12.7 x 17.7cm) photo-frame, and will accommodate smaller subjects such as light tanks or reconnaissance vehicles…or even a civilian car, tractor etc.

It features a suitably roughened texture for the main tarmac trackway, a raised manhole cover, flagstone-style pavement section with kerb, and separate eight-course wall segment with base and capping stones. Preparation is minimal, with just casting burrs needing to be wet sanded (to avoid issues with resin dust) before construction and painting begins. Best of all, this type of roadway would be suitable for most scenes between World War One and modern times. Further information is at: admmodels.co.uk