TIE Fighter

By: Bandai

Item no: 01201 Price: £29.99

Coming straight from the Sienar Fleet Systems factories, the TIE Fighter is one of the most iconic spacecraft designs to grace the cinema screen, and a staple of the Star Wars films. Bandai’s 1/72 offering is arguably the best kit of the type, and in terms of assembly is far superior, being a snap-together offering, despite its complexity and detail. It comprises eight styrene runners, moulded in black, light grey, medium grey, clear and transparent bright green, which means this could be assembled without painting, therefore increasing its appeal for novice modellers.

A multi-pose stand is included, along with a section of Death Star tiling that can be joined to others for a diorama scene, while simulated laser ‘shots’ are provided as lurid transparent green components. Markings are supplied in either water-slide or self-adhesive form, with the choice depending on the modeller’s experience and skill.



By: Bandai

Item no: 01202 Price: £29.99

At home wherever it’s deployed, from the forest moon of Endor, Jedha deserts or arctic expanses of Hoth, the two-legged All-Terrain Scout Transport (AT-ST) was the Empire’s standard reconnaissance and light attack machine. There are just five styrene runners for this 1/48 scale offering, one of these is notable for providing parts in clear red, grey and brown, including a small base and a Chewbacca figure (plus two Imperial ‘drivers’). The ‘head’, weapons and main legs are poseable to varying degrees and there’s a choice of open/closed upper hatch and vision ports. It’s a convincing replica of the version seen in Return of the Jedi and, thanks to the large locating pins and coloured styrene, can be assembled without the need for glue or paint, making this suitable for Star Wars fans of all ages.



By: Bandai

Item no: 01205 Price: £39.99

Manufacturers wanting to know how best to combine ease of assembly with exquisite detail need look no further than Bandai’s Star Wars kits, notably the imposing AT-AT, which offers finely moulded parts on seven styrene runners. It’s hard to pick a single highlight, such is the overall quality, but the single-piece main body shell is notable for its refinement, with fine engraved panels and raised surface detail. Leg sections appear moveable, as are the head-mounted lower and side guns (the former have clear red ‘laser blasts’ to simulate firing), while markings are supplied in decal and self-adhesive form. The neat base replicates the snowblown expanses of Hoth (Empire Strikes Back) and can be used either singly or combined with others to create a larger scene. It’s particularly impressive the various kit parts used to make the studio models are clearly identifiable, even in this scale.


Apollo 11 Columbia + Eagle

By: Revell

Item no: 03700 Price: £16.99

Modellers wanting a kit of the lunar landings would do well to consider Revell’s great value Command/ Service and Lunar Module (CSM and LM respectively) combo. It’s scaled to match the firm’s imposing Saturn V but is designed to be posed on a simple, yet effective, two-piece moon base, with the CSM passing above the LM. Three figures are supplied, representing the Apollo 11 crew members. Parts are well moulded, with just minor flash (not bad considering this kit is 50 years old), and provided on five styrene runners, with an acetate sheet for the CSM/LM glazing and gold-tinted foil for the LM descent stage and legs. It’s ideal for younger modellers, but for those seeking greater accuracy it suffers from the same faults as most older Apollo kits, as it portrays early designs of both spacecraft, notably the Block I CSM, so references will be vital.