GETTING AHEAD of the game regarding Airfix’s forthcoming 1/72 Royal Navy Phantom, Xtradecal has released this handsome new set of markings. Sheet X72268 offers ten individual Fleet Air Arm FG.1s in the operational Extra Dark Sea Grey over white livery, and these include special markings, such as the ‘Colonial Navy’ XV500/001/R, with Silver Jubilee radome flash, seen during cross-decking aboard USS Saratoga (Silver Jubilee devices are also worn by three other aircraft represented here). All but two of the choices sport 892 NAS ‘Omega’ tail artwork, and six are fitted with the tail-top ECM fairing.

The two non-892 NAS jets hail from the Phantom Post- Operational Conversion Unit, and 700P NAS Intensive Flying Trials Unit; it’s great to see the McDonnell ‘Spook’ motif on an orange diamond provided for the latter aircraft. While just the main sheet is shown here, another smaller carrier sheet holds the remaining under-wing serials. For more details, see: