New Train-Tech Relay Controller

New Train-Tech
Relay Controller

Train-Tech has added a new twin-channel Relay Controller (Cat No. RL1) to its range of electronic model railway accessories, suitable for analogue or digital use.

Train-Tech Relay Controller

Designed to control motors, solenoids and lamps, the RL1 features two heavy-duty relays, single pole changeover contacts and it can switch up to three amps at 24 volts AC or DC. It will also work with Train Tech’s range of Track Sensors, Mimic Switches and Sensor Signals and can also be operated from a standard accessory address on a Digital Command Control (DCC) system.

For modellers looking to add a form of automation to a layout, the Relay Controller can also be used with Sensor Signals to develop prototypical automatic block signalling sections for multiple train operation, ensuring no more than one train enters a section occupied by another. For digital users, Train-Tech has also added Automatic Brake Control (ABC) diode modules (ABC1) which link between the RL1 and track section, so locomotives fitted with decoders that support ABC will benefit from smoother acceleration and deceleration.

Prices are set at £40 for the Relay Controller and £20 for a twin-pack of ABC diode modules.

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