Antarctic Appeal!

The Royal Navy ice patrol ship HMS Protector has shared photographs of two of its crewmembers enjoying a game of Warhammer 40K with a twist – it was held on Antarctica and is thought to be the most southerly game in the wargaming platform’s history.

Royal Navy Media and Communications

Lt Max Friswell and Lt Jonny Talbot were the ‘directors of battle’ – both engage in the hobby while on board HMS Protector but took the opportunity to enjoy the scenic possibilities of playing in the icy conditions while on land at Rothera Base.

Warhammer utilises a variety of figures and armour subjects on a sci-fi/fantasy theme – these are unpainted, thus the player has to engage with skills familiar to scale modellers in order to decorate and finish the individuals within their force. As such, there is considerable overlap with ‘pure’ scale modelling – including achieving convincing weathering and battle damage.

Royal Navy Media and Communications

AMW has conducted an interview with Lts Friswell and Talbot – available here.