EDUARD’S NEW 1/48 SE.5a has hit the shelves, and it’s a superb product to mark the company’s 25th anniversary this year. Besides the two grey styrene runners in kit 82131, ProfiPACK status ensures plain and precoloured photo-etched (PE) metal details, tape masks and a superb decal sheet; note the firm has also released various resin/PE extras for the kit in its Brassin range. This boxing provides parts with which to build the Wolseley Viperengined variant, and some of the detail is beautifully nuanced…notably the fuselage skin stitching, and wing/tail inspection hatches. There’s also a splendid variety of schemes, as besides the famous red-bodied 56 Squadron ‘Schweinhund’, there are two other Royal Flying Corps aircraft, and a pair of American options with attractive fuselage artwork. For further details, visit: