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Bespoke Barn Build

What do you do when there are no suitable buildings available as kits or ‘ready to plant’? DAN EVASON shows that making your own structure can be simple and provide a unique aspect to a layout.

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Woodland on a Budget

Model trees are readily available, but DAN EVASON reckons you can make them yourself for pennies – as he demonstrates in this latest ‘OO’ gauge scene.

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Creating a Waterfall

For a very different feature on a layout, DAN EVASON shows how to create a stunning waterfall scene in this detailed step by step modelling guide.

DEMONSTRATOR: Dan Evason - scenic modelling and figure painting

Hornby Magazine contributor Dan Evason will be explaining modelling techniques on his demonstration stand at Model World LIVE on April 27/28 2024. Find out more about his stand here.

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The short and winding road

A veritable spider’s web of country lanes links villages and farms in the countryside. DAN EVASON shows how to model one in 4mm scale.

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MAKING A SCENE: Submerged Spitfire scene

DAN EVASON was inspired by a story to create this stunning scene in 4mm scale - which, with adaptation, could be set in any era from the dawn of flight to the present day.

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MAKING A SCENE: Modelling a Pill box

As Britain braced for invasion, pill boxes were built to defend the country. DAN EVASON builds a scene in ‘OO’ gauge which also pays homage to a famous and much loved comedy series.

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MAKING A SCENE: Building a Harbour

Railways and harbours complement each other very well. DAN EVASON shows how he built a typical scene in ‘OO’ gauge whose techniques can be used in any scale.

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Building a ‘OO9’ micro-layout - Part Two

Having completed the base layer and laid the track to his new narrow gauge micro-layout, DAN EVASON adds further fine detail and buildings to the ‘OO9’ pizza-style scene.

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Building a ‘OO9’ micro layout – Part one

With a new influx of models in this narrow gauge scale, DAN EVASON shows how you can create a grand scene the size of a pizza.