Class 52 Western diesel-hydraulics

Heljan reveals revised 7mm 'Peak' and all-new SR CCT/PMV

Heljan has revealed a series of new ‘O’ gauge models ahead of this weekend’s Guildex 2022 ‘O’ gauge model railway exhibition in Stafford.

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TRS Trains adds Working Diesel Exhausts

TRS TRAINS has applied its smoke generator technology to diesel locomotives, with the first project to arrive in the Hornby Magazine office being a Dapol Class 52 ‘Western’ equipped with twin atomisers for ‘OO’ gauge.

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Final days of the diesel hydraulics

One of the shortest-lived initiatives of British Railways’ 1955 Modernisation Plan was the use of diesel-hydraulic traction on the Western Region. EVAN GREEN-HUGHES takes a look at the demise of these famous locomotives, and explains why they had such brief lives.

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Bradford-on-Tone - the hydraulic era on the Western

The lure of the hydraulic era was too much to resist for the Somerset Railway Modellers Club which took its popular ‘OO’ gauge layout Oake forward a decade for a new look. Steve Pike explains all. Photography, Trevor Jones.

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Seven Ash

The final parts of London’s famous Old Oak Common depot are to close at the end of the year. STEVE PIKE has created a representation of its most famous turntable in ‘OO’ gauge, as he explains.

Western Hydraulics Quiz

Take part in Hornby Magazine's Western Hydraulics quiz to test your knowledge of these powerful BR Western Region locomotives. There are ten questions inside and we'll tell you your score. Share it online through social media and challenge your friends!

Class 52 Western D1000 Western Enterprise Feature Premium

The ‘Western’ diesel hydraulics

One of the most distinctive locomotives of the early modernisation era was the ‘Western’ diesel-hydraulic, a design which had a very short life on the main line and which was rendered obsolete almost as soon as it was built, as EVAN GREEN-HUGHES reveals.

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‘Western’ ambassadors for sound

The distinctive note of the ‘Western’ hydraulics is highly sought after in model form. PAUL CHETTER installs sound into Heljan and Dapols model of the Class 52 in ‘OO’ scale and compares the steps required and the results achieved.

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Weathering a ‘Western’

TIM SHACKLETON turns a Heljan model of Western Enterprise into a detailed portrait of a real locomotive at a specific point in time to capture the elegance of these beautiful machines.

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Heljan’s 'O' gauge ‘Western’

2013 will go down as the year of the ‘Western’ with new offerings in ‘N’, ‘OO’ and ‘O’ gauge. Mike Wild reveals the latest version of these highly popular diesel-hydraulics from Heljan in ‘O’ gauge.