Class 59 Co-Co diesel-electrics

Dapol's all-new Class 59 for OO gauge Review Premium

Dapol delivers its Class 59 for 'OO' gauge


The American-built Electro-Motive Division Class 59 heavy-freight locomotives started a revolution in rail freight haulage. Dapol is looking to achieve the same with its all-new ‘OO’ gauge model. MIKE WILD finds out if it has succeeded.

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Class 59 heavy-freight diesel history


More than three decades ago a small fleet of Class 59 diesel locomotives arrived in this country, and immediately proved themselves far superior to anything that we already had on our railways, starting a revolution that would, in time, see hundreds of similar locomotives brought to our shores, as EVAN GREEN-HUGHES explains.

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Dapol plans second run for its new ‘OO’ Class 59


Dapol has revealed a second production run for its all-new ‘OO’ gauge Class 59 with a choice of five new locomotives.


Exclusive Class 59s in ’N’ for KMRC

Kernow Model Rail Centre has commissioned two all-new ‘N’ gauge Class 59 diesels from Revolution Trains.

Revolution Trains Class 59 gains colour

Decorated samples of Revolution Trains all-new ’N’ gauge Class 59 diesel locomotives have arrived for inspection.

FIRST LOOK: Dapol ‘N’ Class 59

Dapol has received a hand-built Engineering Prototype (EP) sample of its all-new ‘N’ gauge Class 59 diesel for assessment, together with first shots of the many small detail parts.

Exclusive ‘OO’ GBRf GM Class 59

Gaugemaster (GM) has commissioned a special edition model of Dapol’s newly-tooled ‘OO’ gauge Class 59 diesel for its GM Collection.

First EP for Revolution’s Class 59

Revolution Trains has taken delivery of the first Engineering Prototype (EP) samples of its newly-tooled ‘N’ gauge Class 59 diesel (HM172).

Revolution’s Class 59 breaks cover

Revolution Trains’ (RT) ‘N' gauge projects continue to make good progress with first shots of the all-new Class 59 bodyshells arriving in early October, together with first engineering prototype samples of the newly-tooled BR Borail and YQA ‘Parr’ wagons and decorated samples of the company's new Mk 5 Caledonian Sleeper cars.

Revolution reveals 'N' Class 59

The Class 59 heavy freight Electro-Motive Diesel built Co-Cos are the latest ready-to-run 'N' gauge model to be revealed by Revolution Trains. The first samples of the model are expected in September.