FIRST LOOK: Dapol ‘N’ Class 59


Dapol has received a hand-built Engineering Prototype (EP) sample of its all-new ‘N’ gauge Class 59 diesel for assessment, together with first shots of the many small detail parts.


The manufacturer announced the restart of its ‘N’ gauge Class 59 project last summer with seven general release models planned initially as 59005 Kenneth J Painter in Foster Yeoman silver (Cat No. 2S-005-000), 59103 Village of Mells in ARC livery (2D-005-001), 59206 John F Yeoman in DB Schenker red (2D-005-002), 59204 in National Power blue (2D-005-003), 59104 Village of Great Elm in Hanson livery (2D-005-004), 59001 Yeoman Endeavour in Aggregates Industries colours (2D-005-005) and 59201 Vale of York in EWS livery (2D-005-006). An exclusive model of 59206 John F Yeoman in G&W Freightliner livery (2D-005-RS1) has also been commissioned by Rails of Sheffield, while a special edition of 59003 Yeoman Highlander in GB Railfreight colours (GM2210501) is being produced for the Gaugemaster Collection.


Dapol’s new ‘N’ gauge Class 59 will feature a die-cast chassis, five-pole motor, all-wheel pick-up and drive, Next 18 Digital Command Control (DCC) decoder socket, independent directional lights and switchable day and night mode lighting functions.


In addition, the extensive tooling suite covers three different cab fronts to reflect the detail differences between sub-classes, together with alternative cab handles, rubber and metal-style cabside windows, choice of two silencers, left and right exhaust positions, alternative damper configurations, GSM-R antenna (as appropriate), fire bottles (where applicable), finely moulded bodyside and roof grilles, detailed cab interiors and a removable exhaust silencer which provides access to a series of light switches.


Following assessment of the EP sample and mouldings, any necessary amendments will be made and artwork is due to be prepared.


Dapol has also confirmed that DCC sound-fitted versions of the all-new ‘N’ gauge models will now be available to order from retailers.


Prices for general releases are set at £160 DCC ready, £190 DCC fitted and £270 DCC sound-fitted.

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