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More Dapol ‘Manors’ in production

Dapol has revealed decorated samples for its next batch of Great Western Railway (GWR) 7800 ‘Manor’ 4-6-0 locomotives for ‘OO’ gauge.

Decorated ‘Toad’ hops into view

Dapol has unveiled final decorated samples of the forthcoming Great Western Railway (GWR) ‘Toad’ brake van in ‘O’ gauge.

Gaugemaster ‘09’ deco samples surface

Gaugemaster has received new decorated samples of its forthcoming ‘O’ gauge BR Class 09 diesel shunter for evaluation.

New ‘N’ gauge Class 143 and 144 ‘Pacers’ from Dapol

Dapol is to produce all-new ‘N’ gauge models of the Class 143 and 144 Diesel Multiple Units – more commonly known as ‘Pacers’.

Dapol unveils Hawthorn Leslie 0-4-0ST production samples

Dapol has unveiled final production samples of the forthcoming Hawthorn Leslie 0-4-0ST for ‘OO’ gauge.

Dapol 14T tanker production samples

Production samples of Dapol’s forthcoming ‘OO’ gauge 14T Air Ministry tank wagon have been revealed.

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Dapol ‘N’ gauge Class 59

The first of a pair of ‘59s’ is reviewed by MARK CHIVERS – but how does it compare to its new rival?

More Class 88 deco samples arrive

Rails of Sheffield has received further decorated samples of its all-new exclusive ‘OO’ gauge Class 88 electro-diesel locomotives commissioned from Dapol.

Dapol launches all-new GWR 0-4-2Ts

Dapol has announced all-new models of the Great Western Railway (GWR)’s  ‘14XX’/’58XX’ 0-4-2Ts and the earlier ‘517’ 0-4-2Ts for ‘OO’ gauge.

Colour for Rails exclusive Class 88

Decorated samples of Rails of Sheffield’s exclusive Dapol-produced ‘OO’ gauge Class 88 have arrived for inspection.