Dapol launches all-new GWR 0-4-2Ts

Dapol has announced all-new models of the Great Western Railway (GWR)’s  ‘14XX’/’58XX’ 0-4-2Ts and the earlier ‘517’ 0-4-2Ts for ‘OO’ gauge.

The GWR ‘517’ class was a fleet of 144 0-4-2Ts designed by George Armstrong. The entire class was built at the GWR’s Wolverhampton Works and built in 13 lots from 1868 to 1885. There were many differences between the locomotives, with multiple wheelbase lengths, side tank dimensions, driving wheel sizes, boilers, cylinders, cabs and more. The locomotives found work on suburban traffic and under the direction of George Jackson Churchward were fitted with autotrain apparatus. The final locomotive was withdrawn in 1945 with none surviving.

The later ‘14XX’ (originally ‘48XX’) and non-autotrain fitted ‘58xx’ 0-4-2Ts were designed by Charles Collett to replace the ‘517s’ and drew heavily from the final rebuilds of the latter. The main differences were a new Collett designed cab and bunker, new boiler and crosshead. The class was split into two classifications - the 75 ‘14XXs’ were fitted with autotrain gear but the 20 ‘58XXs’ were not. Construction of the ‘14XXs’ ran from 1932 to 1936 with all the ‘58XXs’ built in 1933.

Dapol’s ‘517s’ are set to appear as 549 in GWR lined green with red frames and open cab (Cat no. 4S-517-001), 1158 in GWR green with open cab (4S-517-003), 524 in lined chocolate with closed cab (4S-517-002) and closed cab 523 (4S-517-004) and 1159 (4S-517-005) in GWR green with Great Western lettering.

The ‘14XXs’ are 4806 (4S-006-001) and 4820 (4S-006-002) in GWR green with Great Western lettering, 4871 in GWR green with ‘shirtbutton’ logo (4S-006-003), 4870 in GWR green (4S-006-004), 1405 in BR black with early crests (4S-006-020), 1444 in BR green with early crests (4S-006-021) and 1426 in BR green with late crests (4S-006-022). In addition 1401 will appear in its Titfield Thunderbolt guise in BR black with scraped off GWR lettering (4S-006-023).

The ‘58XXs’ are 5811 in GWR green with Great Western lettering (4S-006-050) and 5819 in BR black with early crests (4S-006-051).

Dapol’s all new models are set to feature separately-fitted detailing items, coreless motor, firebox flicker with synchronisation on sound-fitted models, three styles of cab, die-cast chassis, Next18 Digital Command Control (DCC) socket, tool-free installation via PCB located inside the smokebox and more.

Delivery is anticipated during the final quarter of 2025, with prices set at £140 DCC Ready, £175 DCC fitted and £250 DCC sound-fitted.

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