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Class 66 sound demonstration Feature Premium

Installing ESU sound in the Bachmann Class 66

Bachmann's Class 66 is a simple locomotive to upgrade to digital sound. In this KeyModelWorld exclusive feature MIKE WILD installs an ESU 21-pin decoder with Legomanbiffo's high performance sound together with a powerful speaker and stay alive into the 'OO' gauge model. Read the full guide here and watch our sound demonstration video.

Legacy Track Plans

Legacy Models has expanded its range of 'OO' gauge track with a selection of all-new flat-bottom rail flexible track and fishplates.

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DCC Concepts servicing cradles

DCC Concepts’ new range of servicing cradles are designed with the ‘OO’ gauge modeller in mind. The range comprises hard foam cradles 240mm, 340mm, 440mm and 540mm long.

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DCC Concepts plug and play ground signal control

DCC Concepts has introduced a new and simple means of powering and using its attractive range of ground signals for ‘OO’ gauge by creating a plug and play control board which links to a Cobalt IP digital or analogue point motor.

Wire free point control

DCC Concepts has launched a new wire free accessory control device for model railways called ESP.

DCC Concepts adds Ground Signal Control

DCC Concepts has added a new ground signal interface control board (Cat No. DCD-GSC.1) to its range of model railway electronics and accessories.

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DCC Concepts rolling roads are a respected part of its collection of model railway accessories, but now the specialist has introduced a new premium collection featuring gold plated rollers together with a new option for ‘O’ gauge.

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Automatic Braking Control

DCC Concepts has released its new Zen Black decoder range which include the ability to work with ABC braking modules to create automated stopping and DCC controlled shuttles. MIKE WILD explains how.

World’s smallest DCC decoder just got smaller

DCC Concepts has updated its Zen Blue+ Digital Command Control (DCC) decoder range with what is believed to be the smallest DCC decoder – ever!

Stay alive with DCC Concepts

DCC Concepts has gone back to the drawing board to create its new range of stay alives using smaller components and a flexible system which allows for easier positioning of parts within a locomotive. Read the full story here and watch our video demonstration.