HM200 - February 2024

Locoman Sounds GWR Manor sound demonstration video. Feature Premium

Speaker upgrade for the Accurascale ‘Manor’

Accurascale’s GWR ‘Manor’ 4-6-0 is a superb model, but it left room for improvement in the speaker setup. MIKE WILD shows how he fitted Locoman Sounds’ latest profile for these two-cylinder locomotives together with a speaker upgrade.

Staff Projects: Reviving Topley Dale

It’s approaching two years since Topley Dale was dismantled and put into storage, but now the layout is being rebuilt in a much bigger, extended form. MIKE WILD explains the first steps and the vision for the future.

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Beattie Well Tank Crew

MODELU has further expanded its range of engine crew designed for specific classes with this new pack for the diminutive LSWR ’0298’2-4-0WT in ‘OO’ gauge.

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DCC Power Bus Terminator

A further addition to the Hobby Trax range of electronic components is this pack of Digital Command Control (DCC) ‘Spike Buster’ terminators.

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Rusty Rails Forklift

This handy 4mm scale forklift truck from Rusty Rails is a recent addition to the company’s line-up of 3D-printed modelling items.

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Carriage Siding Platform Kit

New from West Hill Wagon Works is this ‘OO' gauge carriage siding platform kit.

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‘TT:120’ Tracksettas

Tracksetta templates are one of the most useful tools for modellers using flexible track, and these handy tools are now available for modellers in ‘TT:120’ scale.

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BR Diesel Depots

Key Publishing has added to its expanding list of modelling titles with this guide to developing classic and contemporary diesel depots in model form.

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London Rail Atlas

London is Britain‘s pre-eminent railway hub and recent developments such as the Elizabeth Line have altered the map. Crecy’s latest edition of the London Railway Atlas details many of the changes in London’s railways since their inception.

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Class 57s in detail

A recent addition from Key Publishing is this colourful look at the Class 57 Co-Co diesels, examining the life and work of the entire class of 33 throughout their service.