Beginners Guide

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FAQ: Learning digital command control

We look to the enthralling world of Digital Command Control. MARK CHIVERS considers some of the terminology and jargon you may encounter along the way answering some of the most frequently asked questions.

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FAQ: Where to house your model railway

Looking for the best place to build your model railway? We highlights five of the best locations around the average home.

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FAQ: Railway Modelling Essentials

To help you get started in railway modelling we answer those most common Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on essential modelling techniques and ideas. MARK CHIVERS discusses the hot topic of what type of layout you should build.

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EQUIPMENT GUIDE: Wheel cleaners

Keeping model wheels clean is vital but can be tricky. MARK CHIVERS assesses some of the best products on the market in the Hornby Magazine Equipment Guide.

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BEGINNERS GUIDE: Where do I start?

Before you start building a model railway, there are a few important questions to consider. JONATHAN NEWTON looks at what they are and what some options might be.

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BEGINNERS GUIDE: Choosing a model railway scale

Choosing a gauge to model can present a challenge. However, as RICHARD HALL explores, the ever-increasing ranges across multiple scales each provide their own strengths and benefits.

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BEGINNERS GUIDE: Developing the grand plan

Developing your layout’s design is a highly rewarding part of the process. MARK CHIVERS offers a few hints and tips to help create that master track plan.

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BEGINNERS GUIDE: Top tips for a better layout

Some simple steps can maximise your enjoyment of your model railway. JONATHAN NEWTON offers 20 top tips to aid construction and reliable operation of your new layout.

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BEGINNERS GUIDE: Transform your layout

Details can make a very real difference to a layout, transforming it from a train set to a model railway. JONATHAN NEWTON examines the options.

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Starting out in narrow gauge

The arrival of ready-to-run ‘OO9’ locomotives and rolling stock is an exciting catalyst for narrow gauge modelling. MIKE WILD explores the subject and discusses how to get started with your own project.