TRS Trains

Rapido and TRS go full steam ahead!

Rapido Trains UK has revealed that it has teamed up with TRS Trains to offer ready-to-run smoke-fitted models for its UK and North American markets.

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TRS Trains adds Working Diesel Exhausts

TRS TRAINS has applied its smoke generator technology to diesel locomotives, with the first project to arrive in the Hornby Magazine office being a Dapol Class 52 ‘Western’ equipped with twin atomisers for ‘OO’ gauge.

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TRS Trains water-based smoke generators

TRS Trains is a new name in modelling and is offering a custom digital controlled smoke generator and sound installation as part of its range of services. Interestingly, this isn’t using conventional smoke generators such as the oil-filled Seuthe type – the TRS Trains products make steam with bottled water.