ORIGINAL ROY Cross Airfix box art paintings are up for grabs at the next Vectis specialist auction.

The iconic artist is providing eight original works, which include the Boeing 747, HMS Victory, Prinz Eugen and the West German Destroyer Rommel (Roy’s last ever commission for Airfix). Another iconic Airfix artist from yesteryear, Geoff Hunt, is represented via original naval paintings, including HMS Ajax and HMS Hotspur. In addition to the original paintings, there are numerous final version tracings, signed proof box tops and artists ‘roughs’.

The sale at Vectis’ facility in Stockton on Tees, on Friday July 28, will also include a number of extremely rare Attack Force first-issue polythene vehicles, produced in the mid-1960s; predominately for wargamers, these were retailed on brightly coloured carded mounts. This sale offers an extraordinarily rare Centurion Tank trade box, five carded Centurions, two carded examples of the Troop Carrier, boxed (rare 2nd issue) Elefant SP Guns and Tiger Tanks. A fine selection of Airfix kits - late 1950s/early1960s issues – Germanrelease kits, US Airfix releases and a selection of 1/76 and 1/32 figures are also for sale.

This will probably be the last occasion that such a comprehensive collection of this quality will come onto the market. Visit: for further details.