AK Interactive's paint range has been revitalised with the introduction of its water-based 3rd Generation Acrylics line, which has now been joined by the release of dedicated primers.

AK Interactive Primers

These high-pigment-content paints come in ‘jumbo-size’ 100ml screw-top dropper-style bottles and are designed to be used with the firm’s Acrylic Thinners (AK11500) – as supplied they are readily suitable for brush-painting, but would require diluting before being airbrushed. The very fine pigment means application is smooth, with excellent coverage and these appear to dry slightly slower than most other acrylic primers, which aids in achieving a level finish.

The current colours are:

AK11240 White

AK11241 Grey

AK11242 Black

AK11245 Dunkelgelb RAL 7028

AK11246 Russian Green

AK11247 Minimum Red

AK11248 Desert Sand

AK11249 Olive Drab

AK11250 Rust

AK11251 Tracks

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