Exotic Decals’ latest release offers markings for the Messerschmitt Bf 109E-3a in Bulgarian service.


If you’re a fan of the Bf 109 but have had your fill of Luftwaffe liveries, the new sheets from Exotic Decals offer an unusual alternative. Sheets ED 48004 and ED 72004, branded Bulgarian Arrows #1, provide decals for three Messerschmitt Bf 109E-3a airframes, in simple but attractive three-colour camouflage.

The aircraft wear dark green on the upper fuselage, down to just below the canopy, then medium green , followed by light blue on the undersides. Splinter pattern comprising the two greens adorns the upper wings and horizontal stabilisers, and the rudders carry white/green/red lateral stripes.

Two different styles of national insignia are included to suit the different time periods. The aircraft are:

•    WkNr 5227, No 7/7047, 2nd Iztrebitelen Orlyak, Bozhuriste airfield, early June 1940
•    WkNr 5221, No 1/7047, 1st Bulgarian ‘Strela’ (Arrow), Bozhuriste airfield, late April/May 1940
•    WkNr 5227, no 7/7047, 6th Iztrebitelen Polk, Karlovo airfield, June 1943


Exotic Decals instructions offer historical notes on the acquisition of these fighters, colour four-views of each aircraft, and camouflage data and two black and white photos of the real machines.

The 1/48 sheet costs 10 Euros, while the 1/72 product is 7 Euros. The decals are available via ToRo Model in Poland. Visit: www.toro-model.com.pl

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