Decoration for Rapido’s ‘N’ gauge Met-Vick Co-Bo


Decorated samples of Rapido Trains UK’s all-new ‘N’ gauge Metropolitan-Vickers Type 2 Co-Bo diesel (BR Class 28) and associated Conflat P container wagons have arrived for evaluation by the company’s development team.

Amongst the Co-Bos planned initially are D5709 in BR plain green (Cat No. 905001/905501), D5711 in BR green with small yellow panels (905002/905502), D5713 in BR green with small yelllow panels (905003/905503), D5707 in BR green with full yellow ends (905004/905504), D5705 in as preserved BR green with small yellow panels (905005/905505), D5701 in BR blue with full yellow ends (905006/905506) and 97281 in BR Railway Technical Centre (RTC) red and blue (905008/905508). They are being produced in DCC ready and DCC sound-fitted forms.


Production is underway, although electrical component supply issues for the Next18 decoders have slowed progress slightly.

Prices are set at £119.95 for DCC ready models and £219.95 for DCC sound-fitted examples. A release date has yet to be confirmed.

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