Greenstrawberry's new aftermarket sci-fi treats!

Modellers who enjoy either scratch-building sci-fi subjects or the Star Trek franchise will find much on offer from Czech aftermarket specialist Greenstrawberry, with recent releases including sets for the Polar Light 1/1000 USS Voyager.

Greenstrawberry 1/1000 Greeblies

For those building spacecraft from scratch, the Greeble Plating 1.0 (14921-1.0) is a boon for ready-made detail, providing a selection of features found on kit-bashed starships from many films. It’s cast in resin as a single sheet, which can either be used in its entirety to enliven a panel or section of a spaceship or, alternatively, can be cut as desired to select particular elements. Arguably its larger purpose will be to perhaps provide inspiration, with the shapes used as a basis for further scratch-building. This set retails for £31.32.

Greenstrawberry 1/1000 USS Voyager

Modellers may be familiar with Greenstrawberry’s products for the Revell 1/670 USS Voyager, but the firm has recently released similar items for the newer 1/1000 scale offering from Polar Lights. Beautifully cast resin sensor arrays are supplied in 15321-1/1000 and, once the corresponding styrene is removed from the primary and secondary hulls, these are simple drop-in replacements. Arguably the most impressive item in this set is the large ‘coffin-shaped’ array on the forward part of the ‘saucer’, with the crisp detail matching screen shots closely.

Greenstrawberry 1/1000 USS Voyager

Elevating the overall detail level a further notch is 14421-1/1000, which provides a single photo-etched brass fret that gives the exterior a complete makeover. Hull ‘windows’ receive new panels with inserts showing the ship’s interior and there are PE versions of the flank sensor arrays (for those not wanting to use resin), while the bridge superstructure benefits from new facing panel accessories. There is a replacement deflector dish among the other fittings, but the highlight is a complete shuttle bay, which will transform that section of the model.

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