NAVAL MODELLERS, or those who specifically favour German wartime submarines, will welcome Eduard’s Big Ed set for Revell’s imposing 1/72 Type IX U-Boat.

It’s a very busy package with three large photo-etched brass frets (available separately). They are (53158) Type IX C/40 hull pt.1, which mostly offers surface panels and flooding slits, (53159) hull pt.2, and this is a comprehensive collection that provides items such as torpedo tube front sections, door surrounds and the doors themselves, internal ribbing for the conning tower, and more surface plating. The final fret (53160) is for the conn and its surrounding armament. Here, gun shields and elevation/azimuth wheels, mount details, floor features and a wealth of other parts are given. This is a stunning array of PE, which will help turn Revell’s kit into a museum-quality exhibit.