UPDATED: ‘Peak’ production progresses



Heljan has confirmed that its forthcoming all-new ‘OO’ gauge Class 45 1Co-Co1 diesel project has entered production, with models expected to arrive later this autumn.

Following receipt of decorated samples of its newly-tooled ‘Peaks’, the manufacturer has approved them for production with eight standard releases and a series of retailer-commissioned examples planned from Kernow Model Rail Centre, Olivia’s Trains, Rails of Sheffield and TMC (see table below).


These all-new ‘OO’ gauge models are due to appear in steam heat, boiler isolated and Electric Train Heat (ETH) forms, with associated roof and bodyside variations. Heljan’s extensive tooling suite will enable specific locomotives to be modelled with accurate detailing reflecting the prototype.

These releases will also include the first accurate model of the ETH Class 45/1 sub class, while nose end variations will also feature amongst the initial releases, including split-centre, sealed beam, sealed beam with high-intensity headlights – and early split headcodes as part of a limited edition commission.


The specification calls for a central five-pole motor, flywheels, six-axle drive, 21-pin Digital Command Control (DCC) decoder socket, space for a digital sound speaker, directional LED headcode panel, marker lights and high-intensity lights (where appropriate) and independently controlled tail lights. Interior cab illumination will also feature, controlled using a magnetic ‘wand’ device.


Detailing includes specific bodyside grille and roof arrangements, etched grille and tank filler hatch covers, fine metal windscreen wipers, detailed and decorated cab interiors, fine pipework, sprung buffers and more.

Available DCC ready, Heljan’s all-new Class 45s are priced at £169.99 for pristine models and £179.99 for weathered examples. Release is expected during October.

Visit Heljan for more information.

D13, BR green with side stripe - LE-TMC 45090
D11, BR green with side stripe and small yellow warning panels - LE-TMC 45091
D12, BR economy green with small yellow warning panels - LE-TMC 45092
D15, BR blue - LE-TMC 45093
D31, BR green 45100
D57, BR green with small yellow warning panels 45101
64 Coldstream Guardsman, BR blue with full yellow ends 45104
D65, BR green with small yellow warning panels - LE-RoS 45106
Unnumbered, BR green with half yellow warning panels - LE-OT 45108
45003, BR blue (sealed beam ends) 45300
45033 Sirius, weathered BR blue (sealed beam ends/Tinsley unofficial name) 45304
45060 Sherwood Forester, BR blue (sealed beam ends) - LE-RoS 45305
Unnumbered, BR blue (sealed beam ends) - LE 45306
45133, BR blue (sealed beam ends) 45402
Unnumbered, BR blue  (sealed beam ends) - LE-OT 45403
45110 Medusa, weathered BR blue (sealed beam ends/HI headlights) - LE-KMRC 45500
45106, BR 'railtour' green (sealed beam ends/HI headlights) 45501
45118, BR blue (sealed beam ends/orange cantrail stripes/HI headlights) 45502
Unnumbered, BR blue (sealed beam ends/HI headlights) - LE 45504


LE-KMRC - Kernow Model Rail Centre limited edition

LE-OT - Olivia's Trains limited edition

LE-RoS - Rails of Sheffield limited edition

LE-TMC - TMC (The Model Centre) limited edition