High-speed suppression


WHILE ICM’S fighter and reconnaissance/bomber MiG-25s have delighted modellers, there was a notable gap in the single-seat versions – the BM defence suppression airframe – which has now been addressed.

Unsurprisingly, its Foxbat-F shares many runners with previous releases, with new frames for the revised nose, underwing missile pylons and launch rails, plus four Kh-58/AS-11 Kilter anti-radiation missiles.

This means there’s a beautifully detailed cockpit and full-length intakes and jet exhausts, while the exterior benefits from fine engraved panel lines. Markings are supplied for three Soviet Air Force airframes (including a test/training aircraft), with one in a three-tone disruptive camouflage usually seen on East Germany-deployed machines. As a bonus there’s a double-sided printed base on which to display the finished model, featuring a concrete surface. Visit: www.icm.com.ua or www.hannants.co.uk for more on this and other ICM products.